2017 Favourite: Colour Corrector

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Neutralizing Correcting Cream ($42 CAD)

IT Cosmetics bye bye redness review

This has been a favourite of mine for years now. Credit to beautezine.com who first introduced this to me. I love the way this product wears under foundation (traceless) and covers the annoying redness around my nose beatifully. When applied, my redness doesn’t peak through all day, which is my number one makeup pet peeve on me. That evil hormonal redness makes me look instantly tired and made-down so having a product that works to cover it up without being a neon green that i have to use more heavy product on top of to cover is great. I don’t know how this cream does it without applying the standard colour theory (green to cancel red), but it does and I love it!

Maybelline color correcting pen ($10.96 CAD)

Maybelline color correcting pen review

To those following my blog for a long time, you’ll know I have long been an advocate of this product. The pigment in these pens are out of this word – a little goes a very long way so I prefer to pick up the product on a small fully brush and target the areas of discolouration instead of going in with the applicator that densely adds too much product. The pens also have enough moisture in them to not overly dry out my face and they are thin enough where it lays under makeup untraceably. I reach for these over my high end options all the time and will continue to use these many more years to come

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