Anastasia Beverly Hills Single Eyeshadows

From the earliest eyeshadow palette launches up to Modern Renaissance, I have been a huge fan of the quality and colours of the Anastasia eyeshadows. Up until her recent few launches which were an easy pass for me due to the quality (loosely packed shadows in the Subculture palette) and colour assortment (I would use maybe a fraction of the shades in for the Prisime palette), I decided to make my own! Anastasia has over 80 single eyeshadow colours on Sephora, which I think a lot of people don’t realize.

Below is my make-shift Anastasia Beverly Hills x Beauty Swatched palette (who says you have to wait for a brand collaboration to create your own palettes?! haha) and a run down of the quality of each shade. I hope you enjoy reading this and it inspires you to create your own looks where brands are not longer doing it for you 🙂


Custard: medium yellow/golden with a sheen finish. This is my favorite colour to place all over my lid to add some dimension without sparkle or shimmer.


Taupe: cool toned brown shade, matte finish. I pair this with custard for the ultimate natural makeup lookIMG_0369IMG_0426

Nude: light pinky/shell shade with a matte finish. Great for highlighting the lid or the brow bone. I know a lot of people prefer more yellow shades to highlight with but on light to medium skin tones, light pinks actually do a better job of brightening areas. IMG_0373IMG_0429

Sateen: soft pinky/champage colour with an incredible sparkly/ sheen. The sparkles are so fine on this eyeshadow that when applied you get a beautiful soft reflective finish. I love medium reflective eyeshadow shades to place all over the lid. IMG_0377IMG_0431

Burnt Orange: matte medium terracotta shade. This is a gorgeous shade for warming up colours through the crease or adding dimension in the outter ‘v’. This blends like a dream.IMG_0381IMG_0438

Brick: deep red/orange shade. This is a pretty unique shade and despite being so intense it blends out beautifully.IMG_0383IMG_0443

Red Earth: matte medium brown/purple shade. This one lacked pigment, was really patchy and hard to blend out. Would not recommendIMG_0384IMG_0447

Lace: matte ivory shade. This powder was pressed too tightly into the pan and lacks pigmentation. This is virtually undetectable on the eye and the swatch below is me building it up 3-4 times, this is a hard passIMG_0387IMG_0453

Birkin: matte light brown shade. This one was nice, takes a bit of building up but I dont mind it because the formula applies evenly and it allows me to control the depth of my crease colour.


Dusty Rose: matte medium eggplant shade. This one was really nice – the texture was soft, the formula is pigmented and it blends out effortlesslyIMG_0389IMG_0462

Violet: vibrant medium purple shade. Purples for some reason are the hardest shades to formulate in makeup and unfortunately this was no exception The shade is quite patchy but definitely workable and the powder has enough give to it where you can get a smooth even blend.


Metal: shimmery/ highly reflective medium antique taupe shade. This shade had the most amount of ‘omg’ value to it when swatched. Below is one single swipe of the shade that was incredibly reflective and beautiful. I love the base colour of this!


10K: This is a strong sateen, light gold shade. I love this shadow soo soooo much! It adds the perfect reflect to my lid when applied and has the most gorgeous gold/sateen shift to it. This is like Custards sisterIMG_0402IMG_0467

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