Anastasia Liquid Glow Highlighter: Perla

I really minimize the amount of liquid highlighters that I own because I find them a lot trickier to apply. In the order of which I apply my makeup, I place my foundation on first, then concealer and immediately after I set my concealer with powder to prevent the area from creasing and also bring light to the center of my face. The area which I powder often interferes with the areas that I highlight so when I go in with a liquid highlighter it doesn’t mix very well with the powder. The combination is extremely unflattering (it gets blotchy, dry and the shine almost goes away to reveal patches of powder).

So how I use liquid highlighters really starts with setting my concealer. I just need to be really careful to bake ‘down’ instead of ‘wide and across’ to make this work.

I bet some of you are wondering why I bought a liquid highlighter considering how high maintenance I find it. Well the answer is that the effect that cream/ liquid highlighters give the skin is unlike any other. It truly looks like a glow from within that is more captivating than any powder I have tried.

Like a lot of makeup launches, the hype is out of control in the beginning and everyone YouTuber pretty much says the same thing. After a while and a few more new launches later, products fall by the way side and no one really talks about or uses the  product anymore! So when I heard the ABH liquid glow resurface from the dead in a recent YouTube video I thought it really had to be something special.

The Anastasia liquid glow highlighters ($33 CAD) comes in a few shades, I picked up Perla, which is a light – medium champagne glow. The colour can be (‘unblended’) enough where you get a blinding highlight (as seen from the swatch below) but also sheered out enough for a very subtle candlelit glow. I love the versatility of this product. When you apply it densely onto the skin, you can really see the champagne colour peak through on the skin but when you sheer it out, the effect becomes more about the glow (and the colour almost becomes transparent), letting your natural skin tone shine through.

The product comes in a squeeze tube, which I really don’t mind. Sometimes companies try to make packaging way too extra and fancy when at the end of the day this plastic squeeze tube works just fine. To apply this, I squeeze out a pea sized amount of the back of my hand and then pick up some product and blend it out using my beauty blender. I concentrate the majority of the product on my cheekbones, blending in whatever remains from the beauty blender on the tops of my brows and cupids bow.

This product also spreads really nicely. I know that some liquid highlighters are too pigmented such that when you go to blend them out they end up spreading around way too much and before you know it, you have highlighters in your pores and around your nose because it was brought it too far. I don’t have the same issue with this. Call it my application technique or the product but placing the cream on the back of my hand and picking it up with my sponge gives me way more control and this sinks into the skin instead of spreading on top of it, helping with the blend.

Overall, I think the price is justified for the quality, it will last a long (since a little goes a long way) time and is travel friendly. Most importantly, this formula and shade are absolutely stunning. For a natural / subtle makeup lover like me, you’ll really enjoy the effect this gives without being overtly obvious when sheered out and blended in. The colour is versatile and the finish is beautiful. If you’re in the market for a liquid highlighter, this one is definitely worth checking out. This is beauty swatched approved!

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