BareMinerals You Had Me At Aglow Highlighting & Sculpting Palette

The BareMinerals You Had Me At Aglow Highlighting & Sculpting Palette ($56 CAD) is a baked face palette full of shimmery highlight, blush and one bronzer shades for medium skin tones. Initially, I was drawn to this palette because of the colour scheme and the fact that the powders are baked, which I find look more flawless on the skin than traditional powders do.

The palette is quite compact in nature (smaller than I thought it would be), but I like that because it’s very practical to store. Each powder is domed in shape and is housed in quite a deep pan such that the edges rise higher than the powder, which I love because that way the kick up is contained within each well and doesn’t get onto other powders or even outside of the palette, making a mess.

Left to right, starting from the top row we have:

Northern Light: shimmery white (similar to Perla from BECCA)

Aura: light yellow with gold shimmer

Supernova: light warm rosy shade with a strong sheen

Celestial: light shimmery cool pink (reminds me of MAC Dainty blush)

Galaxy: light to medium warm pink (with a slight hint of terracotta)

Invisible Bronze: medium warm bronze with a slight red undertone and shimmer

Overall, this palette fell short of my expectations. Supernova was the main shade that initially caught my eye but when applied to my cheeks (NC 35 skin), the shade was undetectable, it literally disappeared! That was kind of similar across all shades except the last two (Galaxy and Invisible bronze). Now, i’m a big fan of natural, barely there makeup but this was bascially non existent on the face. I found that the shimmer from each powder was greater than the actually coloured pigment so what ended up happening was I just got a bunch of glitter on my face without the base colour of the powders. They all pretty much looked the same and faded quickly. For that reason, I’m sending this back to Sehpora and wouldn’t recommend it.

Although this is not beauty swatched approved, if you’re still on the fence about this, wait for it to go on sale at Sephora and snag it up at a fraction of the price to test out. It’s not guaranteed that this will go on sale but based on previous BareMineral launches, that’s usually the pattern they follow.

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