BeautyBlender Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation

I have been a long time user of the Beauty Blender sponges and cleansers. To me, I have not found a dupe for the beauty blender sponge in the way that it blends out my foundation and feels on my skin. The cleansers to me, deeply cleanse my beautyblender and brushes better than anything else I have tried. It gets my sponges cleaner than anything else and makes my brushes touchable soft. So, needless to say when I heard about the Beauty Blender foundation launch, I waited for the claims and then immediately started to colour match.

The colour match… While i’m sure you have an opinion about the colour range or beauty blender’s response, one thing I think we can all sympathize with are the heartbroken beauties who are not able to find their match. I felt so sad listening to people with deeper skin of all races, get excited with the launch and look only to not find their shade and then try to make do with what exists and have it look so ashy. That is heartbreaking to me and I think there will always be people who wont find their foundation shade but for the range to be so selective just makes those chances higher for a lot of people.

So, for this review, I have one of the 90% of beige shades with an olive tone in 2.20:


The Beauty Blender Foundation comes in a really innovative packaging design. It’s a large rectangle with the pump at the back, right above a tear drop dish that product is meant to dispense into. At the front of the component, there is a switch that can be used to lock the pump making it ideal for travel. When tilted slightly, the pump will dispense product into the dish. When tipped all the way down, the pump can dispense product directly on a brush, sponge or hand.

Made in Italy, the claims of the Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation are:

  • Full coverage
  • Velveteen finish
  • Moisture boosting hyaluronic acid
  • Antioxidant-rich white birch extract

While most full coverage foundations tend to be matte, the Beauty Blender has a natural finish due in part to the hyaluronic acid that adds and retains moisture in the skin. White birch extract is not a common ingredient for foundations as it is meant to keep the skin clear.

  • Applies: When blended with the beautyblender, I get my perfect coverage and finish. When applied with a brush the formula has heavier coverage that is more matte. This formula blends out on the face effortlessly (regardless of the tool), not leaving any uneven spots on the face
  • Looks: The beautyblender foundation evens out my skin, while adding brightness with a natural finish. I couldnt ask for more in a foundation!
  • Lasts: after a 9 hour day, the beauty blender foundation looks and feels as fresh as it did when initially applied. This even keeps my concealers and powders looking fresh without any fading. For reference, I have normal to oily skin in the summer so I cant comment on wear time for super oily or dry skins.

This foundation is my breakout, favorite foundation discovery of 2018. I know that is a steep claim but the way this foundation applies, looks and lasts is truly remarkable. I actually get something special for my money, which isnt something that’s always apparent with makeup. If you can find your shade, it’s worth a try at Sephora. If you’re unable to, I’ll start to search for dupes with a wide shade range- let me know if you’d be interested!


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