BECCA Cosmetics Eyeshadow: Ombre Nudes and Ombre Rouge Palette

While Becca Cosmetics is least known for their eyeshadows, the two 5 pan palettes from the brand ($40 USD) really caught my eye. The shades are neutral, daily basics but never boring. The formula is soft yet pigmented and the vibrancy of the shades last all day without fading.

Becca offers a few eyeshadow palettes (some in discs and others in the 5 pan form). The discs often contain Beccas highlighter formula and shades whereas the two 5 pan palettes are unique eyeshadow colours.

Ombre Nudes

Ombre Nudes contains 5 matte eyeshadows ranging from brow bone highlights, base, crease and outter V shades, all in the warm brown family.

Ombre Rouge

Ombre Rouge is not only my favorite palette out of the two, but it’s also my all time favorite palette from my eyeshadow collection. So, if you had to choose only one, I’d go for this in a heartbeat.

Ombre Rouge has a variety of matte and sheen shades that are neutral, but vibrant and extremely flattering on the lids. While this may not be evident staring at the palette or swatching it, when applied to the eye I always have the best eyeshadow day.

Any of the last 4 shades can be used in the crease and outter V to add depth and dimension to the lid while the first shade is the perfect lid highlight. The first shade is bright enough to create contrast and lift the eye when applied to the lid, but not so bright that it stands out too starkly on the lids.

This is the most perfect neutral every day palette that flatters my eyes and brings out the best in them in the softest way. I cant rave enough about this!

Overall, I’m such a fan of the Becca 5 pan eyeshadow palettes, especially Ombre Rouge. The packaging is sleek, colours are basic not boring and formula is easily blendable. These are definitely beauty swatch approved!

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