Bite Beauty Lipsticks: Nude (Cava, Retsina, Honeycomb, Caramel)

I have a special place in my heart for Bite Beauty because it is a Canadian owned makeup brand. Beyond that, the brand genuinely puts out great lips products that are all beauty swatched approved because they’re creamy, moisturizing, comfortable and flattering on the lips. Here are a few of my favorite nudes…

Bite Beauty Nudes: Cava, Retsina, Honeycomb, Caramel

bite beauty Cava, Retsina, Honeycomb, Caramel

Top left (Cava), Top right (Retsina), Bottom left (Honeycomb), Bottom right (Caramel)

bite beauty Cava, Retsina, Honeycomb, Caramel swatch

Left to Right: Cava, Retsina, Honeycomb, Caramel


  1. October 28, 2017 / 6:57 pm

    Cava looks like such a stunning shade! I’ve tried Bite’s lipsticks before and I love them. I totally agree that they’re very creamy and comfortable. xx

  2. October 28, 2017 / 5:38 pm

    Honeycomb!!! I think I love it so much because of the name also… xx

  3. Makeup by Erin
    October 28, 2017 / 4:53 pm

    Oh my god. I neeeee honeycomb and caramel 😍

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