Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder: Golden Light 1 and Stonestreet

It took me a while to come around to the Bobbi Brown bronzers ($54 CAD) because… well… for the longest time, I found them to be boring! In a makeup world full of exciting packaging, more pigment than anyone probably needs and celebrity/ youtube endorsed makeup Bobbi Brown bronzers just fell into the shadows for me. As I have gotten older  and my tastes in makeup have shifted towards a more subtle and natural makeup, I came across the Bobbi Brown bronzer in a CCO and decided to try it for a discounted price. Once I started, I had to get another and like poke-e-mon am resisting the temptation to get them all!


Golden Light 1 is a light warm golden bronzer that is matte (despite the name golden, I know my brain immediately goes to reflects of shimmer but no, this bronzer has subtle matte golden tones to it). Despite the golden tones in this bronzer, it doesn’t err orange at all on me and the brown tones in the bronzer really come through on the face to give a warm dimension to my skin



Stonestreet 16 is a matte, medium brown with ever so slight red/ terracotta tones to it. When swatched next to golden light, you can see that this pulls more terracotta vs. gold. While I never thought i’d like a more red/ terracotta bronzer, when used with a wispy fluffy brush on the face this gives me such an undetectable warmth to my skin that I literally cant put down. It’s funny when you see a product in the pan that applies in such an unexpected way on the face, which is what I would say Stonestreet does so if you can get past the swatch and try a bronzer that goes out of your comfort zone (at a store that you can return it at if you’re not a fan), it’s worth doing.


So, in the end if you’re interested in trying a bronzer that was made to look natural on your skin and beautifully defined with no fuss, shimmer or sparkle than you could be blown away by the Bobbi Brown bronzers. As we head into the summer in Canada and I’m pledging to wear sunscreen every single day I go out, i’ll need all the bronzer i can get to fake my tan 🙂


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