I have a love hate relationship with the Burberry Eye Colour Contour stick in Natural 001 and can’t decide whether to keep it or return it. 

This colour sets so so quickly and once it sets on the eye  you cannot blend it out, you cannot smudge it out the only way that you correct that situation is to completely remove it off of your eyes. 

I like to use this to clean up my brows by using it as a brow bone highlighter because it’s a  light matte yellow toned colour that works beautifully for lifting and slightly defining that area. However, when I first apply this, within the next five seconds (literally)  if I don’t blend it out then it sits on top of my skin in such an unflattering way that it looks very dry and extremely cakey. However if I can blend it out within those critical seconds upon application,  the colour  looks very subtle beautiful and it gives me that lifting and slightly defining your brow bone look. 

For a $40 shadow cream to have such a small window to work with and such a high error rate, I’m on the fence as to whether I should return it and just go back to my inexpensive cream shadows or if I should just get used to really  quick setting time. The issue is that in the morning I don’t have a lot of time to get ready so if I do mess this  up then I have to go back erase the whole brown bone area, sometimes getting my brows and often leaving that spot so red I need to conceal and start over again and it’s a real pain. 

BTW- Just to give you an idea the swatch in this picture will not rub off!! I need to use some serious eye makeup remove to remove it 

So I’m on the fence with us would love to hear anybody else’s opinion if you have tried this or not. I know that Bree has come out with a new lip pencil in this exact same form I don’t know if it’s the same formula or not but I could see is working a lot better for the lips then for the eyes. 

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