BURBERRY Fresh Glow – Luminous Fluid Base Nude Radiance No. 01

Yesterday I reviewed the Burberry cashmere foundation no 26 beige and mentioned that I enjoy the foundation most when paired with the Burberry Fresh Glow – Luminous Fluid Base ($54 CAD) is hands down my favorite primer! I know this is a super steep claim since I have a low key Sephora opened in my beauty room but I will always come back to this one and feel so much happier after straying away and using other primers. I can see how this won the Allure Beauty award and wouldnt use half of my foundations if I didnt have this.

Just like the foundation, the primer comes in a sleek rectangular packaging, with the cap coming down 2/3rds of the way down the product. It has a pump and a mechanism within the pump to lock it if you need to travel.


If you feel like you have dull or dry skin, think that your foundations leaves you looking too flat, one dimensional or lifeless than I strongly encourage you to get a sample of this primer from Sephora. Now, I will say that the effect of this is not ‘wham bam thank you ma’am, punch your face with a whack of glow’. Instead, it adds more of a subtle radiance under your foundation that leaves the skin looking fresh.

When it comes to face base products, I’m a warm tone girl: Give me all of the golden, olive and yellow tones and i’ll find a place on my face to put them. When I first saw this primer which looks like a light pearly pink I immediately thought it wasn’t for me, but surprisingly the pink works to brighten my skin and once rubbed in, the colour is undetectable. The finish is a sheen, there are no sparkles or shimmer in this primer, it literally just leaves your face with a sheen.

It’s hard to capture the effect of this primer so I tried to include a collage of images below from when I first apply it (top left, applies like a gel balm) to when I rub it in a bit (top right, you can see the glow), and continue to rub it in (bottom left, you can see the soft pink hue) and lastly, which I failed to capture was the end result that honestly just looks like my arm so I encourage you to get a sample.

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