Buxom Single Eyeshadow

Buxom eyeshadow singles ($15 CAD) are among some of my favorite for their formula, colours and textures. While I do not hear many people talk about Buxom eyeshadows anymore, they have truly stood the test of time for me. The mattes are creamy, shimmers are highly pigmented and the shades that I have tried are both buildable and blendable.

Here’s a sneak peak into my collection!

Cashmere Craving: matte bone shade. In the pan it looks yellow, swatched it looks pink but applied on the eyes it appears white.

Buxom Cashmere CravingBuxom Cashmere Craving eyeshadowBuxom Cashmere Craving swatchBuxom Cashmere Craving reviewBuxom Cashmere CravingBuxom Cashmere Craving swatch

Gimmie Gorgeous: matte, light neutral brown

buxom Gimmie Gorgeousbuxom Gimmie Gorgeous reviewbuxom Gimmie Gorgeous swatchbuxom Gimmie Gorgeous swatchbuxom Gimmie Gorgeousbuxom Gimmie Gorgeous

Star Treatment: matte, deep neutral brown

buxom Star Treatmentbuxom Star Treatment swatchbuxom Star Treatment reviewbuxom Star Treatmentbuxom Star Treatment

Invite Only: matte, light terracotta orange

buxom Invite Onlybuxom Invite Only swatchbuxom Invite Only reviewbuxom Invite Only swatchbuxom Invite Only swatchbuxom Invite Only

Lingerie Lover: matte, light dusty rose

buxom Lingerie Loverbuxom Lingerie Loverbuxom Lingerie Loverbuxom Lingerie Lover swatchbuxom Lingerie Lover swatchbuxom Lingerie Lover review

Spoilt Sexy: matte, deeper rosy brown

buxom Spoilt Sexybuxom Spoilt Sexy swatchbuxom Spoilt Sexy reviewbuxom Spoilt Sexy swatchbuxom Spoilt Sexybuxom Spoilt Sexy

Style Icon: shimmery light taupe

buxom Style Iconbuxom Style Iconbuxom Style Icon reviewbuxom Style Icon swatchbuxom Style Icon swatchbuxom Style Icon swatch

Mink Magnet: glittery brown

buxom Mink Magnetbuxom Mink Magnet eyeshadowbuxom Mink Magnet eyeshadow reviewbuxom Mink Magnet eyeshadow swatchbuxom Mink Magnet eyeshadowbuxom Mink Magnet eyeshadow swatch


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