By Terry Rouge Terrybly Age-Defence Lipstick: 100 Terrybly Nude

Lipsticks are a tricky products to review because they look different on every single person. This is because everyone has a unique amount and colour of pigment in their lips from your blood circulation (ever notice how in movies when they show a dead person the lips are completely washed out and colourless? that’s because the blood circulation in your body is what gives your lips that rosie pigment and that amount of blood circulation and how evidently it shows up on your lips is completely different for everyone). If you’re in a beauty store and want to swatch a lipstick, apply it to the tips of your fingers because thats the part of your hand with the most pigment and would give you the closest match to what it would look like on your lips. Now if you really want the colour to show up true to bullet then you can always put a little bit of your concealer or foundation over your lips to have a completely blank canvas or you can even invest in some lip primers. Regardless, I still want to do lip reviews because I think that they still help inform readers about the formula and you can get a good idea of the shade range.

By Terry Rouge Terrybly Lipstick ($50 USD) appears like a dusty mauve in the bullet, swatches like a medium lilac-pink with a sheen and applies to lips as a light lilac colour that lends slightly more metallic than it does a sheen. The formula is quite thin in nature but is the most moisturizing lipstick that I own. I always apply a lip balm base to my lips before lipstick but when I do that with this particular lipstick, my lips become too moisturized and feel slippery! I can actually apply this to bare lips and the moisture lasts well beyond the colour.

At the end of the day, it is a very nice lipstick, although the variance in shades could drive someone crazy. Its nice but not $50 USD nice for me. For others who can indulge, if you find the right shade I dont think you’ll be disappointed.

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