Clarins Face Contouring Palette

Clarins is often an overlooked brand but if you pay special attention, you’ll notice the hidden gems in this range. The face products are absolutely beautiful and the Instant Light Natural Lip Protector has it’s own cult following.

When I came across the limited edition Face Contouring Palette, I knew it would be something special. This palette is an all matte perfectly uncomplicated, simple and beautiful face contouring palette. The highlight shade is a matte yellow that does the job to highlight / bring forward features on your face. I place this under my jaw (reverse contouring) and under my eyes in an upside down triangle and it does the job of brightening up those areas. The bronzer shade is a medium neutral colour that packs a lot of pigment, so lighting taping into the pan and dusting it across my face gives me a perfectly bronze appearance. The powders are soft enough to blend/diffuse out onto the face but still hold enough pigment to not completely blend out sheer. Lastly, the blush shade is a medium neutral pink shade that doesn’t pull too much ‘pink’, instead it just departs a nice healthy soft colour onto my cheeks.

This palette also comes with a ‘V’ shape brush that, although soft and easy for travel, I just wasn’t able to get into. I don’t find these particular shapes very useful and I don’t understand how to apply it. When I dip into the bronzer, it goes too low (past where I contour) and too high (past where I blush) with the intensity on both of those ends. I like to place the most amount of product right where it needs to be and then diffuse product out. Personally, I think the brush is useless.

This palette is what face shaping products should be: subtle, soft, pigmented and easy. I really like this palette and for those who are getting into face shaping should consider this one to start as the shades and formulas are very forgiving. This is beauty swatched approved.

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