Clarins Sumer 2017 Collection: Bronzing & Blush Compact and 4-Colour Eyeshadow Palette

Yes, you read the title correctly: it seems strange to buy something in the winter months for a summer collection but I was watching an old YouTube video from Dustin Hunter (7 months old to be exact… I miss him!) and was so inspired by the colours in this palette. When searching, I was prepared to find this on ebay for a crazy markup but was shocked when it was still available on the Clarins site!


I picked up two pieces from the collection: the face disk and the eye palette. Together these products tell such a consistent and wearable colour story that ties in my look beautifully when coupled but also maintain the same elegance when work separately. I love the splash of orange with the sandy browns and golds and am so inspired to see how that was translated in a wearable way for the cheeks and eyes.

Clarins Sumer 2017 Collection

Clarins Sumer 2017 Collection: 4-Colour Eyeshadow Palette (left) and Bronzing & Blush Compact (right)

If I had to pick one, I would choose the face palette because I have not been able to put this down since I bought it AND I have often used this alone as eyeshadow, which gives me a beautiful look. My one gripe is that for a light-medium completion (which is what I’d define me as, for reference I’m an NC35 at MAC), this is perfect for me and anyone lighter because each strip of colour in the pan is large enough to custom mix your colours. However anyone with true medium to deep to rich skin tones – this won’t show up on you to the point that it could become ashy. That drives me crazy so although not a review on the product it’s still a massive gripe I had to share.

The face palette has gorgeous colors and a formula to match. How I use this, is I blend the middle two shades together and use that as a bronzer and dip my blush brush lightly into the orange shade and graze my cheeks. When we move into the summer months, I can combine the top shade with the rest to continue wearing this throughout. I love this so much I’m actually contemplating getting a backup. The shades are rather neutral in tone with the lighter shades maybe pulling slightly cool to warmer darker shades but overall it applies and appears neutral which I like.




The eye palette is also gorgeous that leaves a subtle beautiful warmth to the eyes with a variety of textures in shades:

  • The first slightly pinky shade has a sheen to it
  • The second sandy golden shade is more of an eyeshadow topper where the micro shimmer stands out more than the colour does
  • The third orange shade has a beautiful golden sheen to it although despite that looks beautiful in the crease adding a subtle brightness that works as a crease or transition shade
  • The last is a medium brown with golden sparkle to it that’s soft enough to be work in the crease without overdoing it or how I prefer to wear it, on my outter v to softly diffuse my eyeshadow look



Net: I love these products. Although the shades are summer inspired, I will wear these YEAR around. This is beauty swatched approved for me and the best find so far this year! What are you favorite finds so far for 2018?



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