Cover FX Power Play Concealer in G+ Medium 1

Cover FX Power Play Concealer ($30 CAD) has a perfect 5/5 star rating on Sephora with 39 reviews! That to me is unheard of on Sephora and is reason alone for me to try this out despite the million other concealers I have expiring away in my collection.

The Cover FX Power Play Concealer comes in a thick plastic component with a rather interesting applicator. It’s a fuzzy bar with a ball tip at the end. The way the the component squeezes out the product when you open it, you really get the majority of concealer at the tip of the ball vs. all over the applicator. Normally, I would imagine this would irritate me but given how pigmented this concealer is, it actually releases the perfect amount of product on the tip for both eyes.

The consistency of the concealer of medium: it’s emollient enough to blend out on the skin yet thick enough to add medium to full coverage. The formula is not overly drying, sets well under powder and lasts all day. I really enjoy the way this concealer looks as it skins into the skin (as opposed to sitting on top of it) and becomes one with my complexion. The result is a super natural, long wearing, full coverage concealer.

I purchased shade G+ Medium 1. The G+ range is meant for people with olive/golden skin tones, which I really appreciate because often complexion products err too pink. While G+ Medium 1 is slightly too light for my medium skin, I can make it work when buffed into the skin. G+ Medium 2 would have been my ideal shade (for reference, I am a MAC NC 35)

The Cover FX Power Play Concealer does not oxidize on the skin either as shown below. The left swatch has been sitting on my hand for about 5 minutes whereas the right swatch is a fresh application. This makes it easy to shop the concealer because what you see is what you get.

Overall, this is a beautiful concealer and I can appreciate the perfect rating on Sephora. I would highly recommend this if you’re looking for a full coverage yet natural finish.

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