Cover FX Power Play Concealers: G+ Medium 1 and G+ Medium 2

In the first couple months of launch, the Cover FX Power Play Concealers ($36 CAD each) had a 5 out of 5 rating online at Sephora! For a concealer as expensive as this, it was amazing feedback that had me running in line to try it.

The range of concealers is quite vast in colour range and undertones. I purchased two of the olive undertones (denoted by a ‘G+’) in G+ Medium 1 and G+ Medium 2.

G+ Medium 1 is slightly lighter than G+ Medium 2 in the bottle, but noticeably so on the skin. I wear the lighter version during the winter and the darker one in the summer for my perfect match (and mix them in-between seasons!)

The bottle feels like a thick plastic with a tight stopper on the inside. The applicator is a fuzzy ball where the majority of the product piles up on the tip of the ball and around the corners (as pictured below).

Normally I would get irritated with this style very quickly but with this particular formula, a little goes a VERY long way so I dont mind dotting the concealer on with the tip because it’s all I need for each eye.

These concealers are full coverage, yet hydrating enough under the eye to not leave me feeling dry. I dont get any more creasing than I normally do from a concealer (which is not a lot) and it lasts all day for me. I can set this but even if I dont it doesnt budge at all.

The only reason why the swatches seem streaky is because of the applicator that lends itself to dots instead of streaks of colour so I had to finesse enough product on the back of my hand to get a meaningful swatch. When dotted onto the face, these blend out like an opaque cover of concealer.

G+ Medium 1 (left) and G+ Medium 2 (right)
G+ Medium 1 (left) and G+ Medium 2 (right)

Overall, these are my favorite concealers and I havent been able to put them down since purchasing them months ago. The formula is hydrating enough under my eye, the coverage is full and the lasting power is all day! I’m happy that Cover FX released an olive tone concealer since I have a strong olive undertone. Also, since you do not need to use a lot of product, this will last me a long time, making the price tag worth it!

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