Dior Air Flash Spray Foundation: 201

The Dior Air Flash Spray Foundation ($78 CAD) was the Beyonce of foundations for a very long time since launch. Initially, the limited shade range really irritated me about this foundation (few yellow/olive undertone options) but they have since expanded their range to include new colours (yay).

For those unfamiliar with this foundation, it comes in a spray can that you shake. You’ll hear something rattle around inside of the foundation that basically shakes it up and gets it ready for use. I dont recommend spraying this directly on your face because it will get everywhere (in your hair, on your clothes etc). Instead, I spray this onto the back of my hand and then go in with a brush or beautyblender to apply it. Once this product comes out, because it is aerated, it actually bubbles up for a few seconds. This is truly a revolutionary product of its time and Dior deserves all the credit.

The foundation is nice: it’s medium to buildable, lasts all day and blends into the skin nicely. My only issue at the time I bought this was the limited colour selection. The finish is natural (not overly matte or dewy).

A cheaper alternative for this would be the Sephora Collection Perfection Mist Airbrush foundation ($35 CAD) that leaves a very similar finish on the skin (although I ended up going with the Dior one because I slightly preferred how much more natural it sat on the face, but I think the difference was so slight that people would not be able to tell in natural light).

All in all, I do enjoy this foundation but I dont reach for it very often because I dont really think about it a lot. For the price, this should not only make me addicted to it, but it should pay my rent, put gas in my car and food in my fridge. After this post i’ll probably finish using this up and then try the Sephora version again to see if I like it just as much and save the $43 CAD. This is a nice foundation, so I’ll say it’s beauty swatched approved but not necessary or even worth the whopping price tag.

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