FACEatelier Ultra Foundation Pro: Zero Minus

I struggle a lot with foundations that just don’t match me. Most of the time my foundations have the right undertones to them, which is easier to control since I can see the colour in the bottles or in swatches in stores. What I struggle with is the shade of my foundation as it either oxidizes or dries darker. Often when I come home from work I notice a difference in the colour of my face to my neck, which drives me all the way crazy!

The best solution to this is to have patience, get samples of foundations from Sephora and do a wear test. But, lets get real – I’m super impulsive and impatient so that’s not a realistic option for me. The second best solution is to invest in a mixing solution that can lighten up my foundations just the right amount.

I purchased the CoverFX Custom Enhancer Drops (shade: G30) to adjust my foundations but found that it doesn’t work so well for lightening them. The shade I bought is only a fraction lighter than my skin tone so instead it works better to add coverage or more golden tones to my foundations instead of adjusting the shade.

I watched a YouTube video where the influencer mentioned using the FACEatelier Ultra Foundation Pro ($36 CAD) in shade zero minus, which is basically a pure white shade. Being white, this wont alter the undertones of my foundation but focus on adjusting the colour instead. She uses this with her Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation and says it mixes in beautifully. While I dont mind this with my Giorgio Armani foundation, I much prefer it with my L’Oreal Pro Glow foundation. I find that when mixed in with Armani (which has a slight sheen to it) mattifies the foundation too much but when mixed with the L’Oreal foundation, which is a lot more glowy, an element of luminosity still shines through.

The FACEatlier foundation is a silicone based formula, which works well with a lot of my foundations (which I also love but dont use for this very reason) because they too are silicone based. When looking for a mixing agent, make sure the ingredients are complimentary so you dont mix agents that resist each other (i.e. oil based foundation with a water based mixing agent).

First impressions when taking the foundation out of the box (I ordered this online) was that it is so small! Even though you wouldn’t wear this like a foundation so technically it would last longer, it’s still expensive for a foundation, which is what it is marketed as (or an adjuster!) I paid $36 for only .68 fl oz, which works out to be about $52 per fl oz. Taking the best selling foundations from Sephora for comparison: the Fenty foundation by Rihanna is $14 cheaper per oz, Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible cover foundation $1 cheaper per ounce and the NARS Natural Radiant Longwear foundation is only $8 more expensive per oz. I dont consider FACEatilier to be a high end brand similar to its counterparts (even though it has been around for a while, I dont think it is a mainstream brand). The packaging looks quite cheap, it reminds me of the empty plastic travel sprays that you can find at the dollar store. The bottle is plastic with a pump at the top and the label is glued on.

FACEatelier Ultra Foundation Pro: Zero Minus

That pink elephant out of the way, today I tried this on for the first time and of course it was the same day as a series of back to back meetings at work. Said differently, the eyes of my co-workers glaring at me is the best mirror a review-er can ask for. I mixed the product in with my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation, which as mentioned earlier errs about 0.5 shade too dark for me when dried. I normally dont apply a lot of foundation (I usually only do one pump of whatever foundation I’m wearing), so I applied half a pump of the Armani and a quarter of the FACEAtilier foundation.

FACEatelier Ultra Foundation Pro: Zero Minus

FACEatelier Ultra Foundation Pro: Zero Minus

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 5.75


Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer and FACEatilier Foundation in Zero Minus


Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer mixed in with FACEatilier Foundation in Zero Minus

While the FACEatilier adjuster did a great job lightening up my foundation and blending in flawlessly over my skin, I did notice that it altered the finish of my foundation. Where I used to get a slight glow from my Giorgio Armani foundation, it became quite matte and flat looking. Fix one problem and the other erupts!

In short: if you have oily skin, prefer matte foundations or work with creams (to add the glow back in), then this could very well be worth it for you. It did everything that I wanted my Cover FX drops to do, did not alter the wear time or blendability of my foundation and I finally got a colour that matches my skintone perfectly. However, for all my normal to dry skin beauties out there, the search continues as you may find this leaves you looking more matte than you’d prefer.

This is beauty swatched approved for how well the formula works but my hunt continues.

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