Farsali Jelly Beam Illuminator: Glazed

As a fellow South Asian Toronto born beauty guru, I was so excited to finally get my hands on the Farsali Jelly Beam illuminators. I have the shade Glaze in the:

  • Regular size (0.5oz, 50ml) for $50 CAD, which breaks down to $1/ml and the
  • Mini size (0.2oz, 5.7ml) for $25 CAD, which breaks down to 4x the cost at $4.38/ml

Unfortunately, the weird cost per ml breakdown is not where the head scratching stopped. I was just getting started…

Initially, I had just purchased the full size product, but after trying to work with it and ultimately not being able to and thinking the product was actually damaged, I bought the mini to compare. And oh was I wrong…

Before I get ahead of myself, i’ll start at the beginning: the packaging. Each Jelly Beam comes in a flat container with a gold lid and transparent base and twist off lid:

Component: Overall, I hate the packaging. It’s so messy and the formula is so watery that the surface level liquid always ends up oozing out from the top and I find myself grabbing for tissue every time I open this. I image traveling with this would be a disaster, I cant even get a clean open when i’m on a steady surface!

Formula forgive me for how harsh this is going to sound, but the formula is… well gross. In fact, the reason why I purchased a mini version (having initially bought the full size) was because I thought I got an expired product! You can best see what I mean by ‘gross’ at the back shot of each product. The product is like an oil in water situation where a jelly like blob sits in the middle of a watery base that does not mix well with each other:

Not only does this separate oddly, it is super liquid and extremely difficult to pick up with a brush or a sponge. It’s like this didnt get mixed enough in production and came out like a chunky jelly

You can see what I mean by ‘hard to pick up’ in this image of me trying to get product on a brush, where all I end up doing is swirling the product around in the jar not picking much up:

Once I mixed the product intensely to finally get a decent amount of product on my brush, the application was chunky, blotchy and it did not blend out very well. As a dense swatch the pigment shows up, but the second I start to blend this out it gets patchy and these sparkles start to come out of no where.

Dense swatch

Since I have both sizes, I decided to do a comparison to see if the mini was the same as the full size. Although the product looks different in the jar (the mini seems like a light champagne whereas the larger one is more pink), the swatches are identical.

While this will not come as a surprise, I am not a fan of this at all and am more confused than disappointed. I just checked and the shade Glazed is no longer sold making me really think I was sold expired product. There is no way that I havent heard similar concerns on the internet. This was truly unusable! I’m disappointed in the brand and wish I could have loved it because the dense swatches are beautiful. On to the next!

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