February Favourites 2018


BECCA Backlight Priming Filter ($46 CAD)

I often wondered what the point of applying a glowy base is, when you end up covering it with foundation anyways. Well, I met my match with the BECCA Backlight Priming Filter, which gives me the most dewy extremely glowy base that works to ENHANCE my foundation that’s applied over it actually making it look more glowy, dewy but never glittery. This gives me the option to decide where I want to be matte leaving the rest of my skin super youthful/ supple looking. The colour blends in with the skin to a transparent finish as the formula is quite thin so dont let the light champagne shade throw you off. The bottle has a thick frosted glass finish wit a goregous thick shiny plastic pump and a cap that clicks close. This looks luxe and is worth every last cent. This does not extend the wear of my foundation but I can say it definitely enhances it.

Dior Airflash Spray Foundation ($78 CAD)

Ugh, that price tag THOUGH. I forgot how much this was, since I bought it years ago (yes, I know, years… dont judge). And while this wasn’t memorable in the past for some reason now, I have not been able to put this down. This is by far one of the most expensive foundation I have in my collection but I cant deny the product. I spray this on the back of my end to expose a very cold and bubbly foundation (I have mine in the shade 201) and blend it on my skin to reveal a natural (not overly matte, in fact it’s quite glowy when paired on top of my Becca primer) looking foundation that lasts all day and really sinks into the skin to reveal a traceless yet perfected base. The finish is light to a buildable medium if layered. This feels really light on the skin, never tacky or sticky so it’s quite comfortable. This does transfer onto clothes but I have yet to find a foundation that doesnt. Honestly, this just works. It’s really that good for me but for the price? I’d have to really think about buying another but it would be soo tempting.

Essence: Make me Brow ($3.99)

I just couldnt wait for Benefit to re-release their Gimmie Brow and needed something for my brows that would both act like a gel to keep the hairs in place and also a fiber boosting formula to add thickness as well. This is ideal when i’m either overdue for a brow threading (because it combs them together) or during a fresh trim when I want to add that extra level of crispness and fullness to my brows. This product works amazingly in doing just that for me at a fraction of the price of my gimmie brow! It has tiny fibers to add the look of hairs while combing my natural hairs through enough to keep things look full yet clean.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand: Spotlight ($50 CAD)

The highlight wand is the most beautiful warm, SOFT, light champaign gold colour that I wish so many of my other highlighters were. It looks STUNNING on the skin when blended out and can be built up to a medium intensity. I get the most beautiful glow with this, that is never shimmery or glittery. It looks like a glow from within that I am obsessed with. For added impact, I layer my ColourPop Glazed highlighter on top for a shine that lasts all day

ColourPop Super Shock Cheek: Pearlized Glazed (Discontinued … nooooooo)

I wasn’t going to include this as I just discovered it’s been discontinued but I’d be lying if I didn’t say this was a highlighter I was truly obsessed with (and even hit pan on) last month. If ColourPop ever re-releases this or you have it in your collection hopefully this encourages you to try it out! I apply this with my fingers to get the most precise, blended yet banging application. Is is a soft white that errs more on the champaign side. Although it has specs of shimmer in the pot, when applied it almost blends out to deliver a pearlized sheen vs. overt shimmer. Also, the highlighter really stays where you apply it – it doesn’t run over the face or the pearlized shimmer particles don’t fall down making my whole face a disco ball, which I often find to be the case with other highlighters. If unfamiliar with the formula, this starts off as a cream in the pot and blends out to a smooth powder on the face. Love, love LOVE.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow: Truth ($5 CAD)

Ever search your collection for the perfect all over eyelid shade that’s an everyday neutral/ natural/ never over done shade? This shade absolutely does that for me! It’s a light champagne shade that errs a bit more pink than gold (which I dont naturally gravitate towards) however when applied on the lid it can pull either way depending on the shades your wearing. It’s truly a gorgeous colour, formula with the lasting power to get me through the day. The finish is a sheen that isnt too strong to be like a metallic but packs enough of a punch to brighten my lids and make a punch

ColourPop Double Entendre Shadow Palette ($16 CAD)

It’s rare that one palette does it all for me, but this was delivers! It has a row of warm tones (middle), neutral tones (bottom) and a mix of warm neturals at the top. The formula blends out like super luxe, high end luxury shadows with the colour variety for the every day beauty. This has everything from a highlight, all over lid shade for a base and pop of colour as well as crease and outter v shades to smoke out any look. This is my favorite of every ColourPop release and I cant get enough of it!


Real Techniques Diamond Sponge ($6.92 CAD)


I can remember the reveal video for this sponge from PixiWoo sisters and am sad that I dont think I’ve seen them use it since 🙁 Maybe their not a fan but I much prefer this sponge to their orange Miracle Complexion Sponge (which I find to be too stiff/ hard). The Diamond Sponge is extremely soft, light and bouncy, actually so much so that I didn’t think I would like it. I thought it wouldn’t get the job done to blend products on my face but boy was I wrong. Although deceptively soft and bouncy, I still dont understand how this can blend even the thickest of thick concealers on my face flawlessly. After going in with this to blend out foundation, concealer, contours, highlights and even blushers – I cant find the edges of where those products or finish. The size of this can be a bit awkward at first but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it. The top has a large surface area, ideal for blending foundation whereas the tip is thin in enough to get into the corners of your eye for concealer yet strong enough to blend it out without having to stab your eyes. The sides are the perfect width to blend out contour or highlighter effortlessly. Truly love this and it looks BEAUTIFUL on my vanity, no complaints!

Mara Hoffman for SEPHORA Collection Cheek Brush (discontinued)

While this brush is discontinued, chances are you have something in your collection that looks like this and would work just the same. I love applying my BECCA primer with this brush because I just love the way it makes my glow up look. When I use my hands, it almost absorbs some of the glow and my face doesnt look as dewy as it does with the brush and it absorbs no product! Like I could go two months without cleanign this and not be the wiser! The density is perfectly fluffy but not too sparse and the shape works to quickly apply the base to my face. I caught a technique watching a DESI makeup tutorial on Kim Kardashian and noticed that she used a similar dewy primer but brushes it on and emphasizes it on her cheek bone areas. I find when I do the same (go over and focus on my cheek bones spreading the rest of the product out on my cheeks), the glow is concentrated on my cheek bones and it looks more dewy than the rest of my face which looks healthy. Becca + this brush = a match made in HEAVEN!

Wayne Goss 14 Brush ($33 USD or $42.53 CAD)

I never thought I would be a fan of a brush like this for blush. I bought this as a part of a larger set and one day decided to bust it out after ignoring it for several months. To my surprised, it’s literally the perfect shape for blush and it gives me an incredible amount of control to apply the colour where I want. With this brush, the more I work it in to my skin, the stronger the colour appears! I find not having control over blush can be terrifying but with this blush not only do I have control but it also applies the colour sheer enough, giving me the ability to build it up as I desire. The quality of the bristles are stiff enough to withstand pressure and not flare out but soft enough where it feels gentle on the skin.

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