Gosh Natural Blush: 36 Rose Whisper and 42 Melon

I was so pleasantly surprised with the Gosh Blushers ($9.04 CAD) and couldn’t believe I turned a blind eye to them for so long. This blush is exactly what I seek in a formula: the texture is buttery soft (allowing it to blend effortlessly on the skin), the colour is subtle yet apparent on the face and it’s not too pigmented! I especially admire this because I can control how subtle I want my blush to be. I find that if I layer on contour, blush, highlighter, bronzer all in that upper cheek area it starts to look like a harsh muddy stripe of colour in the middle of my cheek when I tilt my head to the side.

So, for my daytime looks I tend to pick between bronzer or contour, I use a soft highlight that merges onto my blush and I like to have a soft blush that disperses subtle colour.

However, for those who like blushes that pack more of a punch I’d recommend you skip this one because you may feel like it doesn’t show up as vibrant as you’d like.

For me this is beauty swatched approved but can understand if it’s not everyone’s cup of tea!

Gosh Blush Rose Whisper

Gosh Blush Rose Whisper

Gosh Natural Blush Melon

Gosh Natural Blush Melon

Gosh Blush Swatch

Melon (Left), Rose Whipser (Right)

Gosh Blush swatch

Gosh Blush Rose Whisper (left), Melon (right)


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