Hourglass Ambient Metallic Strobe Lighting Palette

Hourglass ambient lighting powders ($75 CAD) contains three metallic shades in pink, yellow and a light bronze. Normally I run when I hear the word metallic whether it’s on the lips, eyes and definitely on the face (it was never a trend that appealed to me, although I admire how beautiful it can look on others!). These powders remain true to the ambient lighting powder formula, in that they are extremely soft, fine and the effect is wonderfully detectable on the skin.

Both the reviews and the price of this product is pretty high (4.6/5 with 79 reviews) but ultimately the reviews won out so I snagged this during the Sephora VIB Sale as a happy compromise (or that’s what I keep telling myself lol).

A lot of product gets picked up on the brush so it’s safest to tap off the excess, start slow and build you way up. Even at it’s softest application, I get a lot of shine on my cheeks and sometimes need to tone it back down with a beauty blender. So for my beauties that love to shine from space, you will not be disappointed from this.

I was pleasantly surprised that the metallic finish works beautifully as a highlighter when done right. You get an incredible shine on the cheek that looks like a glow. There are extremely fine micro shimmers in this product but when blended out on the skin, the shine super feeds the shimmer to leave you looking absolutely radiant.

I’m usually not a pink highlighter girl but even the pink shade looks flattering on me (I have very olive skin). The yellow shade is my comfort zone but surprisingly the bronze colour ended up being my favourite because of the ‘skin like’ tone of this powder, it deposits the truest glow with the least amount of ‘colour’.

My cons for this would of course, be the price. Each pan size is tiny and despite how pigmented it is, I could easily run through this if used every day, probably in 8’ish months.

So ultimately it’s up to you. Personally, this is beauty swatched approved but I wouldn’t run out to get back ups because of the price. The effect is beautiful but not so unique that other products cant get the same job done. It lasts just about as long as other highlighters do on me (fading after the 5 hour mark).

Would you purchase?

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