I tried a Kylie Jenner makeup technique

Vogue has a Beauty Secret series on YouTube that invites celebrities to get ready on camera sharing some of the products, tips and tricks they use for an every day beat. The most recent series invited Kylie Jenner (linked here), which sparked a couple new makeup ideas in my mind. The first idea was applying brown mascara on the bottom lash-line for less intense definition. I love this trick because usually black mascara on my bottom lashes is not flattering at all (it looks spidery and out of place), but without something there my eyes look too top heavy. Brown mascara could be the perfect solution where it’s more subtle than black and evens out my eyes.

The second trick was mixing in the Marc Jacobs Coconut Dew Drops ($55 CAD) (my review linked here) with foundation for an added glow and radiance to the face. Although the concept is not new to me, seeing Kylie apply this technique out inspired me to try it out.

My thoughts on the Marc Jacobs Coconut Dew Drops in shade 50 (Dew You?):

There are many aspects of the Marc Jacobs Dew Drops that I like: the formula is long lasting, it delivers an etherial glow that is buildable and is a gorgeous champagne golden shade. However, there also things about this that make me not reach for it very often: the pump dispenses way too much product and the formula is tricky to apply. The Dew Drops  dries very fast so if you don’t get an immediate blend this can look very blotchy and glittery often causing me to have to wash my face and start over.

With that being said, I do love the product when applied correctly on the face and wanted to use it up before it expires. With that, I busted the Marc Jacobs Dew Drops out of my drawers to mix in with my foundations as well as to use it as a highlighter concentrated on the high points my face.

For those less familiar, the consistency of these drops is like a cream that when blended out depart a soft glow on the face that can be built up for added intensity. The shade is a light champagne that reflects gold in the light:

Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter

Kylie used a different shade of the Marc Jacobs Dew Drops in Rose Gold Glow, which has a deeper rose gold finish to it. She applied one entire pump of the Dew Drops and added five pumps of foundation on a palette, mixed them together with a brush and then blended it all over her face.

I had to modify this part a lot since I find one pump of foundation to often be more than enough coverage. So I mixed half a pump of my dew drops with one pump of foundation on the back of my hand and mixed them in together and blended it into my face.

What surprised me was that applying a highlighter all over my face did not give me an artificial/ crazy tin man appearance. The highlighter somehow melted into the foundation to give an added glow instead of looking like crazy shimmer on my face. Secondly, I tried this highlighter with a bunch of different foundations – drugstore to luxury – and it blended in well with all of them. Lastly, its hard to overdue the glow with this highlighter because as you blend it into the skin it becomes more and more subtle (similar to the image above), which is probably the biggest reason why I love this technique.

I really appreciate this technique and it takes my matte foundations from looking flat to glowy so not only will I end up going through my highlighter, but this will help me get through some of my foundations as well. The same concerns I have with this highlighter drying too fast is still there, even when mixed into my foundation, if I am not religious about blending this out everywhere I see blotchiness where the foundation clung on to the highlighter and dried up in certain areas. Now, the foundation gives me a bit more time to work with this, but I’d recommend going in sections or similar to Kylie – using a brush to buff it in and then a sponge to really blend into the face.

On Kylie, you could see the same glowy effect from no foundation to foundation + dew drops. I cant believe I picked up a technique I could use here but am so glad I did! Have you tried this?

Without Foundation

With Foundation + Dew Drops

Final Result


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