Jouer Cosmetics Powder Highlighter: Citrine

Usually the highlighters that are raved about the most from Beauty YouTubers are the ones I resonate with the least with because what we value in a good highlighter are so different. For example, the most hyped up highlighters are usually:

  • Highlighting for the GODS aka they are so intense that you see the highlighter before the person when they walk in the room. Not always, but these highlighters usually contain a lot of glitter in it (case in point: Maybelline Master Chrome, which I un-popularly do NOT like) or look great on camera but not in person
  • Duochromoe or holographic, which for me… highlighting is just not that deep. Give me one shade that pulls one shade and do it right. That’s all I need
  • Blue, purple, green etc… I dont want to have to look at my highlighters and figure out how to wear it just enough without looking like I stole my 5 year old nieces makeup.  I want my makeup to do most of the work for me and be forgiving

Ok! I’m back, i’m back. The real reason why you came here is to learn my thoughts on the Jouer powder highlighters ($29.90 CAD) . The reason I picked this up is because, despite everything I just said, this had some next level hyped up beauty reviews BUT this time, it was for the reasons that I actually look for: blendable, soft yet pigmented and glowy, not sparkly. In a jist that’s really what the Jouer highlighter is and I feel so #validated that alas my beloved beauty youtubers and I share a loved product. So while this is beauty swatched approved,

The packaging of the Jouer highlighters are so incredibly classy. Reflective gold packaging with a soft Jouer logo printed on them. They look a lot more expensive than they are but I appreciate the level of detail.

I purchased the shade Citrine, which looks a hell of a lot darker in the pan that it does once applied and even as the name might suggest. While I first taken aback and quite worried, you’ll notice the swatches pull a thinner layer of powder that showcases a lighter glow.


And that’s really what this product is: a true glow up. Where there are micro-shimmers in the pan, once applied it disperses to leave a beautiful shine to the skin that is not overdone but certainly noticeable.


This lasts an average time on me as normal highlighters do, when not layered over a cream but the finish is so beautiful and the formula is amazing that I haven’t stopped reaching for this since I bought it. What’s your favorite glow up?


  1. March 27, 2018 / 6:51 pm

    To be honest, I’ve only just recently gotten into highlighters. I really think what took me so long was because of all the hype and how ridiculous some highlighters can really look (unpopular opinion…) but I’ve found a few that I do actually like, and I can work with. I also find it strange when youtubers apply highlighter to their nose tip – is it just me?

    • beauty.swatched
      March 30, 2018 / 9:06 pm

      Omg that’s awesome!! I totally agree- some highlights over done can be really distracting in natural light and most I see are chunks of glitter that look even more intense. hahaha the exclamation point on you tubers nose is a classic. Especially when it’s not blended!! What’s your favorite highlighter?

      • March 31, 2018 / 7:26 am

        I love the one featured inside the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette (Beauty Glow). I also recently bought a Sleek palette and the highlighter in that is great too! Both are natural but glowy, and work with a soft pat to the skin (I don’t own a fan brush you see). 🙂

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