KKW Beauty Conceal, Bake and Brighten

It’s hard to talk about KKW Beauty without addressing the person behind it, Kim Kardashian West. While I think she is a legend in the makeup community for having the most beautiful looks ranging from natural to glam, I realize there are a lot of people who feel different. Despite the fact that she might be the reason why all of us either stay away from or gravitate towards KKW Beauty, I hope we can all put aside Kim when testing out her make-up to give real, unbiased reviews of how they perform. Side note – wouldn’t a great YouTube video idea be testing out makeup with the labels hidden? I digress…

For me, although Kim is the reason I held out for and bought her concealer kits (because I’ve always admired her bright under-eye are), when I finally got it in the mail  (about a week and a half after I purchased it, in Canada) I was ready to put it through a rigious test.

I bought one concealer (shade 5), one baking powder (shade 2) and two brightening powders (shades 2 and 3). My super first impression is the size of the products are reeeally tiny. It seems like everything is travel size and that I could probably run through all of these with consistent use. On one had, I like that because I never get through my makeup by on the other hand the $18 USD ($22.96 CAD)  price point for each product is really expensive when you look at the breakdown comparison to popular brands. I have a table at the end of this post to show you comparison prices per size to give you an idea but the baking powder is the most expensive while the concealer is the second most expensive per ounce.

The line is broken up into 4 sections ranging from light and medium to deep and deep dark. I purchased a kit from the medium set and an additional brightening powder from the deep set in pale yellow.


LIQUID CONCEALER (shade 5)- $18 USD/ $22.96 CAD


The KKW Concealer has a medium thick consistency to it. If I had to compare, I would say is less thick than the Tarte Shape Tape concealer, more thick than the ColourPop No Filter concealer and just about as thick as the MAC Pro Longwear concealer. Despite the texture, it blends out so easily on the face with a beautyblender and becomes one with my foundation, smoothing my under eye area out evenly without any lines or patches.

The coverage is about a medium, slightly buildable. I definitely need to pair the concealer with a colour corrector underneath (which I always use) to really cover the darkness under my eyes. In the video that Kim did with Mario, he used a different shade of concealer to do the same thing. I don’t find the concealer to be overly drying or moisturizing and it dries to a light/comfortable matte finish.

The dome foot applicator is flexible and thin with enough product being coated on each side for a single application on both eyes.

Shade 5 is described as light medium with warm undertones. While shade 5 looks quite light in the tube, it darkens once applied to a shade or shade and a half deeper than it appears. For colour comparison, I have swatched shade 5 next to my MAC, Tarte and ColourPop concealers below.

KKW Beauty Concealer in shade 5 swatch

KKW Beauty Concealer in shade 5

KKW Beauty Concealer in shade 5

KKW Beauty Concealer in shade 5. The right is a fresh swatch and the left image is a swatch after a minute. You can see how it darkens once applied

KKW Beauty Concealer in Shade 5 vs. ColourPop No Filter Concealers in Shade 20 and 30

The KKW concealer is pictured below in the middle between two of the ColourPop No Filter concealers in shades 30 and 20. I’d say the KKW Concealer in shade 5 is closest to the ColourPop No Filter concealer in shade 20, but more yellow toned.

KKW Beauty Concealer in shade 5 review

Left to Right: ColourPop No Filter Concealer in shade 30, KKW Beauty Concealer in shade 5 and ColourPop No Filter Concealer in shade 20

KKW Beauty Concealer in shade 5 vs. MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Concealer in NC35

This has to be the closest colour comparison of them all. The MAC Pro Longwear concealer in NC35 is pictured on the left and is more yellow/olive toned vs. the KKW beauty concealer but in the same shade family.

KKW Beauty Concealer shade 5 review

Left to right: MAC Studio Fix Concealer in NC35, KKW Beauty Concealer in shade 5

KKW Beauty Concealer in Shade 5 vs. Tarte Shape Tape Concealers in Medium and Light-Medium Honey

While the KKW Concealer (pictured in the middle) is more yellow than the Tarte Shape Tape options. Medium (left) is the closest shade to the KKW one while Light-Medium Honey (right) pulls more peach and is lighter.

KKW Concealer in shade 5 swatch

Left to Right: Tarte Shape Tape in Medium, KKW Concealer in Shade 5 and Tarte Shape Tape in Light-Medium Honey

BAKING POWDER (Bake 2)- $18 USD/ $22.96 CAD

Bake 2 is described as a translucent pastel pink. I can tell that this powder was intentionally made to bake with because it picks up quite significantly on a brush or sponge, adheres to the face quite opaquely yet dusts away easily.


I think this powder fits well into the entire concealer system because the end result is pretty fresh and flawless, whereas I find most other baking powders can leave the face looking quite flat and dry. After being dusted away, this is not the most brightening or lifting powder that I have ever used (I find the RCMA No Colour Loose Translucent Setting Powder is more effective to brighten) but it does leave the skin smoother and matte but not flat.  This powder does not alter the colour of my concealer or foundation and leaves me matte for quite a long time.

BRIGHTENING POWDER (Brighten 2 and 3)- $18 USD/ $22.96 CAD each

This is the product I was most excited to try to get that signature Kim under eye glow, so I bought two in different shades. I bought Brighten 2, which is described as a pastel pink with brightening pearls and Brighten 3, which is described as a pale yellow with brightening pearls

Where I tried to stay in the medium family for the entire system, I ventured out into the deep kit for the yellow brightening powder because it’s what I usually go for under my eyes.

I find yellow highlights complement my olive skin but at the same time I wanted to trust the process that Kim created with the pink brightening powder that came with the medium kit. I was also surprised to see that Kim used the pink brightening powder from the medium kit because I thought she was also a yellow under eye powder girl. What i’ve since learnt is that often yellow powders do not brighten light skin tones and more salmon or pastel pinks are better served to add light to lighter skin tones.



This powder has a bit of kick up once you swirl your brush in it but applies just the right amount of product on the skin to leave the face with a bright radiance. Initially, I thought this was similar to some of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders but contains significantly less sheen but still delivers a soft glow (not shimmery or glittery) that looks fresh on the face. I will say that this is the type of product that you need to apply once, take a step back and evaluate or you can layer this on too much and things can start looking too intense and crazy. At first, I thought this didnt do anything and I went overboard applying layers only to wipe it off and start over because I looked like a shiny mess.



After trying this system, I received a lot of praise by friends that my skin looked glowy and fresh. I find that each product is meant to rely on the other and the textures work great to deliver a flawless undereye look. My cons are that I’m not sure if it was the baking or brightening powder but one of them exaggerated my pores (which I usually dont have an issue with) more than I’ve seen before. Although noticeable when i’m looking at it with a magnifying mirror, it was nothing distracting to the normal eye. I also wish the concealer had a tad bit more coverage to it and the baking powder was bigger as I’ll definitely go through this within two months.

The system is fairly long lasting, at the 13 hour mark it started to look ‘old’ or ‘worn in’ and in need of a touch up or wash away.

Net, I really enjoy the system and would recommend it if this fit within your budget and you’re curious to try the line. Realistically, although it’s nice it’s nothing that the market doesnt offer individually that you probably already have. However, buying the kit is an easy and convenient way to get all the products for a flawless eye at once and be assured that the formulas and textures work together. For me, this is beauty swatched approved. 


KKW Beauty swatch

Left to Right: KKW Concealer in shade 5, Brighten Powder in shade 3 and 2 and Baking Powder in shade 2



Brand Product Price per ounce (CAD)
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer


KKW Beauty Concealer


Tarte Shape Tape


MAC Pro Longwear Concealer


ColourPop No Filter Concealer


Translucent Loose Setting Powder/ Baking Powders

Brand Product Price per ounce (CAD)
KKW Baking Powder


MUFE Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Powder


BECCA Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder


Kat Von D Lock-it Setting Powder


Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder







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