Kylie Cosmetics Summer Palette

I bought Kylie Cosmetics Summer Palette ($57.53 CAD or $44 USD) from her 2018 Summer Collection. I really thought that I would never buy anything from Kylie Cosmetics and that’s not because I have anything against her, I just never vibed with the aesthetic of her brand. However, when I saw sneak peaks of her Summer Palette, there was something so beautiful, wearable and interesting about this palette. With my purchase, I picked up some brushes, lipsticks and concealers that I’ll review later, focusing this post on The Summer Palette.

The theme of the Kylie Cosmetics Summer Palette was inspired by the tiny candy banana’s from back in the day that some of you may remember. The palette is a thick magnetized cardboard that has a decent weight to it and  a good size mirror on the inside. This Summer Palette does not look or feel cheap at all. The names of the shadows are written on the back of the palette, and personally I find this to be quite useless. I by no means am a beauty guru so I really dont care about having eyeshadow names. For those who may care, having the names on the back of the palette make it quite confusing if you have to keep flipping the palette over to match up the shadows with their names. The palette is neon orange/red with Kylie’s name in yellow. This does look a lot more superman to me than banana inspired, but it’s nevertheless very summer.

This palette contains 14 eye shadows, including 1 glitter, 8 matte and 5 shimmer shades.

Starting from the top row, the first shade is a glitter. It deposits sparkle onto the lid which i’m not a fan of. The base colour of this shade is a stunning light gold champagne shade, which I wish came through more-so than the glitter chunks.

The shade that I think everyone is talking about, is the one right next to it which is a neon coral shade. This has amazing pigment, is loosely packed so it’s really flaking (you’ll need to tap your brush off with this), but it maintains it’s pigment on the lid and doesnt fade out with the blend.

Next to the first glitter shade, the next let down in this palette for me was the shimmery coral shade (second from right, on the top row). This is pressed so firmly that it started to get hard pan after I swatched it and doesnt transfer much pigment on the eye.

From the 3 usable shimmer shades, there is a soft light warm gold , which I use to brighten my eye, a cocoa brown  with subtle red shimmer to it (amazing to  smoke out the outer corners of my eye) and a deeper shimmer copper shade. I think copper and corals go so well together and it’s been popping up a lot this summer.

The palette has a lot of amazing neutral basics including: cool tone browns, vanilla bone shades, light and medium warm brown shades as well as a deep burgundy and black shades that are all pigmented, soft and bendable.

The one shade I think this palette is missing is a nice canary yellow shade. I would have replaced the shimmery coral with the yellow and I think it would have made this palette more interesting.

Overall, I am so impressed with the quality of the Kylie Cosmetics Summer Palette. The mattes are creamy, pigmented yet bendable and some of the shimmers appear exactly on the lid as they do in the pan. Kylie’s shade preferences with the lab she is working with are a magic duo that I can really appreciate. This is beauty swatched approved!

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