La Mer: The Powder

Everything about this product screams luxury. From the name of it (“The Powder”), to the price ($120 CAD, eeeeeks!!!) and even the packaging. I mean, if you break it down, I could probably buy a few of my regular setting powders with just the puff that this  comes with!

The Powder comes in a very heavy and quite bulky frosted glass container. You can tell that there is a lot excess packaging to this product, with the powder being contained in the very center and the rest of the packaging is made from the solid glass. Clearly, this is not the jet – setters go to but for those who dont live a life of travel may be able to get into if we can absorb the price tag.


Now, I wont really knock La Mer for the price of this powder because… well… it is La Mer and you’re paying for the luxuriousness of it all.  I mean, no one is really coming to this brand looking for a bargain unless you come from royalty.

Now, that leaves us with the actual powder itself. I was surprised to see that it contained micro-shimmer in it, which I usually hate but in this case it was visible on my hand in the swatch but not on my face. The powder comes out as a light pink/ salmon colour, applies white and blends out to add a transparent brightness.

La Mer The Powder review

When applied under my eyes with a beautyblender, I couldn’t book any sparkle or shimmer. It sets my concealer nicely and adds a touch of brightness. Also, because I have quite dry under eyes it it kept that area looking hydrated and non-cakey. So that all sounds nice but to be honest, I cant really see where the $120 CAD went. I mean I at least applied $3 worth of powder on my face this morning and compared to the pennies I usually pay per application with my other high end powders, it wasn’t really worth 3x the dollars. Ok, forget Sephora all together and if I to go my beloved No Colour Powder by RCMA ($12 CAD) would I pay 10x the price for this? I honestly wouldn’t.

Net: this is a nice powder. I cant believe it’s sold out of Sephora (i’m assuming thanks to the recent VIB sale). I actually returned this back to Sephora because I couldn’t tell a difference between this and my RCMA No Colour Powder. I fear the day I wake up and realize I dropped $120 CAD on powder.

Net for those in the market for this, it does “work” so I have to Beauty swatch approve it, but this is NOT a necessary powder if you’re looking to save money or are happy with your current collection.

La Mer The Powder swatch

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