Lesser known makeup brands: volume 3

It struck me as I was getting ready this morning that there are a few products I use on a daily basis that I havent heard many (if any!) beauty guru’s talk about so I thank my stars for going out on a limb to try it but wonder how many other hidden gems there are out there. Here are the ones from my collection to date:

Japonesque Soft Eye Shadow Palette

viseart eyeshadow

Japonesque Soft Eye Shadow Palette (left) and Viseart (right)

These shadows are comparable to my beloved Viseart eyeshadows in the way they apply and blend. All the shadows are richly pigmented but as you blend them out you can see the edges diffuse but not dissapear – the shadows retains their pigment (unlike others that are too powdery and blend away) but are not blotchy/ patchy at all. Viseart shadows blend out with a little less effort but for a few seconds more and a lot of dollars less the shades are undifferentiated on the lid. I swear by this palette.

Illamasqua Cream Highlighter: Gleam

I dont hear people talking about the brand Illamasqua as a whole so i’d say the entire brand is under-rated and the foundation is my top 5 favorite foundation. However, the highlighter is what I wanted to feature here because I feel like it encompasses everything people search for in a cream highlighter: pigmented, blends out evenly giving you the ability to control how ‘blinding’ it is, dries down complete and does not budge, blends beauituflly over powder and ultimately gives you the most incredible glow on your cheeks without looking shimmery or glittery. The only thing I wish about this and all highlighters I try is that they last all day. I get about 5-6 hours of wear before this dissapears

MAC eyeshadow: Sweet Satisfaction

I have used this shadow so much that there is a visible den in the pan and that’s saying a lot considering I could drown in my eyeshadow collection. I love everything about this eyeshadow: the colour is this beautiful medium brown/champaign gold shade that doesn’t pull pink, copper or bronze (like so many do), the formula is soft (which is surprising for MAC shadows that can be very hit or miss) and lasts all day on my lids. Not much more to say besides this is my favorite shadow of all time and thank the lord its permanent.

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