Louise Young Essential Eye Palette

The Louise Young Essential Eye Palette (25 GBP) is an all matte, 5 pan eyeshadow palette.

Louise Young is a seasoned makeup artist who started her own brand with brushes 11 years ago. I personally was a huge fan of her brushes until she switched to synthetic bristles and the quality took a serious dip. Side rant: it’s great that a lot of brands are switching to synthetic brushes including MAC, Tom Ford and Louise Young. However, I dont think synthetic brushes need to be worse than natural haired brushes yet each of these brands havent been able to get the quality on par! Ok, back to the eyeshadow palette review…

The Essential Eye Palette has been around in Louise Young’s line for years. It is housed in a sleek compact with a large mirror on the inside


The Louise Young Essential Eye Palette contains 5 matte eyeshadows ranging from light to deep shades: Ting is a bone white, Maowi is a light grey, Pom Pom is a neutral brown, Black Bear is a black and Sislet is a orangey-red


Overall, I like the quality of the Louise Young Essential Eye Palette but feel like the formula and colours are a bit dated. It feels like this palette would have been amazing a few years ago but has since been forgotten in the light of many competitor launches. For that reason, I like it but wouldnt re-purchase.

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