Luxury Foundation Regrets

None of these are bad foundations by any means but there were forgettable to me, which doesnt make sense for the price. I know that when you’re shopping these brands, the price tag is to be expected but with that the formula as well should perform in a special way as well, which these ones didn’t for me.

ByTerry Sheer – Expert Perfecting Fluid Foundation ($74 CAD)


The colour of this foundation is so off for me, that I’m not sure how to finish this. It’s quite peachy in tone whereas I lean a lot more olive/yellow. The claims of this foundation is that multi-corrective foundation adjusts and blends with the skin to reveal a perfect and natural complexion… which I dont find. Doesnt matter how much I blend this in, the foundation ends up looking, quite orange on my skin.

Chantacalle Future Skin Gel Foundation ($98 CAD)

Chantacalle Future Skin Gel Foundation

This foundation is quite neutral in tone and the colour match is easily workable. I get a natural finish with this that is not overly dewy or matte. The claims of this foundation is that it is a ‘gel based’ formula but I beg to differ. This feels more like a soft, traditional cream foundation to me. Again, this isnt bad but the finish is nothing special.

La Prarie Skin Caviar Concealer and Foundation ($230 CAD)


This foundation has the best colour match of this series in that it’s quite olive toned. The foundation is kind of thick, looks like foundation on the skin and is full coverage. If you dont mind looking like you’re wearing makeup, you may enjoy this. The finish is quite natural (not overly matte or dewy). It also transfers after applied so be careful who you hug! It’s an OK foundation but for the price there are a lot of other ones I much prefer. The concealer is pretty useless, it’s too dark for me, the consistency is stiff and it exaggerates any blemishes that I put it on top of.

Foundation swatch

Left to Right: byTerry, Chantecaille and La Prarie

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