$79 Cheaper: Viseart Eyeshadow Palette ($101.83 CAD) x Japonesque Velvet Touch Eye Shadow Palette ($22.80 CAD)

viseart eyeshadow

Swatches left: Japonesque and right: Viseart

This is one of my favorite finds from the entire series. I love my Japonesque eyeshadows but when I blend them out I realize that they work exactly like my Viseart shadows. Although marginally not as pigmented as my Viseart ones, the Japonesque colours blend out just as flawlessly and give me the exact same look with the same amount of (minimal) effort. I LOVE this dupe and hope Japonesque comes out with more shades.

$60 Cheaper: NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush ($70 CAD) x Japonesque Kumadori Contour & Highlighting Brush ($19 CAD) 

In this case, I actually prefer the NARS brush more because of the unique weight of the brush and the perfectly uneven distribution of bristles. The weight of the brush makes this easy to apply in a tapping method on my cheek (I hold the brush towards the end of the handle and tap it on my cheek bones) and the bristles give me the most beautiful, natural dispersion of colour.

While the Japonesque brush is bound together in the same way as the NARS brush, it’s a bit more fuller and has a more even distribution of weight. It is a great blush brush when compared to the other ones I have but not in comparison to my NARS one. However, they are similar and you can get a similar effect on your face for $60 cheaper, you won’t be missing much.

$22 Cheaper: Mally Perfect Prep Under Eye Brightener ($35 CAD) x Maybelline MasterCamo Pen: Yellow ($12.99)

yellow color corrector

swatches left: Maybelline pen and right: Mally

To those looking for a yellow creamy product to use under your foundation to brighten up certain areas, the Maybelline Pen is a great alternative to the Mally under eye brightener. Although the mall product is more yellow and a touch darker, when blended into the skin both products give the same brightening effect. The Maybelline pens are a great way to get into the colour correcting game without spending too much out of pocket.

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