I suffer from raccoon eyes: I have these dark circles that even the Tarte Shape Tape cannot save, which sent me on a search for the perfect under eye corrector. So far the best one i’ve found is the MAC Cosmetics mid peach and mid yellow corrector. The colour works well for my NC35 skin, is semi opaque and sits well under makeup.

It’s not a ride or die product yet but one of the best ones I’ve found. Another good one is the LA Girl peach corrector (which i’ve done the review on). Since it’s cheaper and i’m just as impressed with the colour and consistency of both i’ll probably repurcahse the LA girl one. (FYI – I also tried the Giorgio Armani peach corrector and the applicator was thinner than an eyeliner brush and it didnt really mask the dark circles enough so that was a pass for me).


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