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I seriously struggled hitting the ‘publish’ button on this post because to most, I fear that nothing could be more boring than talking about soap. Although my relationship with soap is deeper than many (I used to be a brand manager for Gain Laundry lol) at the end of the day, it’s still soap.

But I’ve tried a lot of types of brush cleaners and conditioners in my makeup career so wanted to share with you my thoughts on the ones I’ve tried to date. To those whom I’ve already lost with the title of this post – I hope you find something more interesting and to those who are still here, thank you 🙂 Leggggoo….

makeup brush cleanser

beautyblender Liquid Beautycleanser ($42 CAD, value size)

I really hate the packaging that the standard 5oz size comes in (the push top) because it gets so messy a few uses in. Although still not ideal, the shampoo like packaging is a bit better. I love the product because it gets not only my brushes but my beautyblender as clean as new again. The only issue I have with this, is when cleaning my beautyblender I really need to squeeze the soap all over the dirty areas of my blender because the product sinks in deep wherever it’s applied and I dont get a broad cleanse if I only apply product in one area. For example, if I squeeze this into one targeted area and try and spread the soap around my beautyblender with my hands it wont work to take out the dirt as well as if I squeeze the product all over my beautyblender and rise the entire sponge clean. With this method I run through the soap really fast. Now that I’ve officially made no sense and probably confused everyone, lets move on to the next…


beautyblender Liquid Beautycleanser

beautyblender Liquid Beautycleanser

beautyblender cleanser Solid Pro ($60 CAD, full size: 5.3 oz)

To be honest, I dont really notice a difference between the black pro cleanser and the white ‘regular’ cleanser. I really do love the beautyblender cleanser solids and would repurchase them all day long if it werent so expensive. Its really the only thing that is mess free, cleans my beautyblender the best and works beautifully on my makeup brushes. However, read the next review to see why I probably wont go back to the solid and save the $5 / cleanser everytime I run out.

beautyblender cleanser Solid

beautyblender cleanser Solid

Sephora Collection Solid Clean: Solid Brush Cleanser ($17 CAD)

This is such an incredible dupe for the beautyblender cleanser solid, which is $5 more expensive for .1oz fewer product. When swirling my brushes or sponge into the solid soap it takes away most traces of makeup on my sponge (but all traces on my brush) leaving me with noticeably cleaner tools. I’d say the beautyblender cleanser solid leaves my beautyblender looking absolutely new, taking out all traces of makeup whereas with this product the foundation that is stuck deep inside my sponge will fade but not completely disappear. I’m ok with it though because it does the job of cleaning my tools. It also comes with a tiny hot pink silicone sponge that is helpful for swirling your brushes against to ensure all the makeup from inside the brush is taken out. This is a bit too small and awkward for my large face brushes but perfect for my eye brushes.


Sephora Collection Solid Clean: Solid Brush Cleanser

Sephora Collection Solid Clean: Solid Brush Cleanser

Apothecary Brush Shampoo ($19.16 CAD)

I really dislike this brush shampoo because it doesnt do anything for me! I’m jealous of the many who swear by this but I find the actual shampoo to be too dry and stiff (even under water), it doesnt lather very much (which I could be ok with if the product worked) and doesn’t remove makeup from my beauty blender. On my brushes, I have to go in twice (Sometimes thrice with my foundation brushes) to get them clean but on my foundation brushes I often see traces of foundation left behind. I wouldn’t repurchase this even if it was half the price.


Apothecary Brush Shampoo

Apothecary Brush Shampoo

MAC Brush Cleanser ($19 CAD)

Ah, my beloved MAC Brush Cleanser that I’ve used ever since I got into the makeup game. I really love this product for cleaning my eye makeup brushes (I pour a bit into a mug and soak my eye brushes in (turning them upside down) for about 5 minutes before I rinse them off and lay them flat to dry). However, I find it doesnt do as good of a job on my foundation brushes or my sponge and for that reason I havent repurchased it in a long time. I rather gravitate towards cleansers that can do it all.

MAC Brush Cleanser

MAC Brush Cleanser

Sephora Brush Conditioner ($6 CAD – on sale)

Although discontinued from Sephora I wanted to include it because it’s a fun idea. Hey – if my hair deserves conditioning so would my brushes. This was a nice product that made the hairs of my makeup brushes way softer but if used too much my bristles almost became too soft. For example, my stiff blending brushes that diffuse out colour can be ruined by this product if used too much than it makes the bristles too soft and it doesnt move around the product as nicely. Overall it’s nice but I wont miss it when I’m done.




  1. November 20, 2017 / 4:58 am

    Soap isn’t exciting and neither is cleaning Makeup brushes BUT most of us have to do it so this was a great post. I’ve been using the Sigma cleanser but it’s too expensive for me to want to repurchase (it was on special when I bought it). You’ve given me some ideas on other products to use (and avoid).

    • November 20, 2017 / 10:19 pm

      You’re the best, thank YOU! XO I didn’t realize Sigma had a cleanser. I heard baby shampoo is also a good alternative that I’ll check out once I’m through my ‘soap stash’. Ultimately I’ll probably land on the Sephora cleanser if that doesn’t work

  2. Makeup by Erin
    November 17, 2017 / 2:57 pm

    I love the solid beauty blender cleanser! I just repurchased mine! I’ve used the Sephora one too! It’s a great dupe!

    • November 17, 2017 / 11:37 pm

      Totally!! And the VIB sale doesn’t hurt to stock up on soap because it doesn’t expire wohoo

      • Makeup by Erin
        November 18, 2017 / 12:59 am


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