Makeup YouTuber’s Made Me Buy: Part 3

I am NO stranger of getting sucked in by influences YouTube videos and impulsively go online to shop the featured products. Oddly enough, if a video is sponsored I tend to ignore them but these were all the products featured in a haul or get ready with me that I ran out to get. Do beauty youtubers have the same effect on you? what are some of your impulsive purchases?

Maybelline Color Tattoo ($6.96 CAD)

The colour pictured below is in 90 Nude Compliment, but really any Color Tattoo was an impulse buy for me. I remember a few years ago when these truly took the beauty community by storm and Maybelline took full advantage of that by releasing limited edition colours. Many years, and a lot more insight later, I realized that while these were a great product for being really the first of its kind in the drug store, the texture of them are quite stiff. If they can make a more emollient version while maintaining the level of pigment and longevity that these have it would be a knock out product. I know Maybelline do a version of their cream shadows, not in pots but in tubes with dome foot applicators, which I have yet to check out. That could be the solution!

Barry M (4.59 GBP)

What UK beauty influencer did NOT use a BarryM Dazzle Dust back in the day? Everyone from Tanya Burr to the PixiWoo Sisters use to rave about how these pigments rivaled higher end brands such as MAC. BeautySwatched readers, I have to admit – they were absolutely right! The product is milled just finley enough where you get a smooth blend with no chucks yet densely enough that it retains pigment with one swipe. The colour variety is incredible, you can find this in most UK drug stores for under 5 pounds and the size of these are perfect! They’re tiny little jars but in reality you’d likely never completely go through one.

Ardency Inn Modster Manuka Honey Enriched Pigment ($21 CAD) in Heaven

Did you know this brand is not carried at Sephora anymore? I was surprised to find that out, and while retailers like Beautylish list the brand, they don’t actually sell any product. You can go on the Ardency inn website if really interested but it’s weird that it feels like they’re slowly falling off the map. There were a few cult products from the brand, including their eyeliners that many beauty YouTubers would rave about but their eyeshadows were particularly hyped up. The title is quite confusing and I remember using this when I first purchased it- it was the most creamy and pigmented shadow I had ever tried. Now, over the years this shadow has certainly dried up a bit and not retained that creamy texture so it went from a super eyeshadow to a regular eyeshadow now, still completely usable but not as unique. Did any of your try the brand when they were featured in Sephora?

Bite Beauty Lipsticks ($30 CAD)

As a proud Canadian, my insides were smiling as Bite Beauty rose to stardom, propelled by YouTube. The brand became buzz worth when word got out that you can actually eat their lipsticks because it is made with food grade ingredients. Now, I definitely did not search that on YouTube (mostly fearful for what I’d find) but switched to Sephora and pulled a few colours to try. I did a more extensive review on all the shades I have in my archives but had to include this because at one point, it was featured in every haul, favorites video and tutorial online!

ardency inn ($12 CAD)

Did Duo change their formula? Someone please tell me because while I enjoy the new packaging (which is a brush based applicator, and not a squeeze tube) and the dead fish smell from this one is gone, the product is just SO WATERY! I tilted the tube over for a hot second and product came pouring out. The glue is too liquidy to stay on a lash band and I cant get an even, thick enough coating to really get these to adhere onto my lashes. While I enjoyed the earlier formula better, overall I run to the Revlon lash adhesives because they solve all my problems. It’s sticky but not too sticky, gets the job done, doesnt smell or irritate my eyes.


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