Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Bronzer Coconut Perfect Tan: Tan-Tastic!

Marc Jacobs initially released their bronzer last summer in a coconut collection and have re-released this bronzer again this summer in limited edition packaging, but it’s coming back into the permanent line. To be honest, the white packaging gets so dirty with the powder kick up from the bronzer that I would have enjoyed the regular black packaging better. I heard the latest release differs slightly from last years in that it’s a touch more rosier whereas last years bronzer was a true neutral shade.

Well if that wasn’t confusing enough, lets get on to the actual product. Good news is you have the time to decide whether or not this is something you’d like to add to your collection at $59 CAD each. Although it may look different with the white vs. black packaging, the product will remain the same.

Tan-Tastic! was the most difficult makeup product to take an accurate picture of from all the 300-something reviews on my blog! For some reason all my images were coming out too dark so after (literally over 50 pictures of this), I finally found the ones that are the truest to colour:


In natural light, Tan-Tastic! errs a bit more golden but in the shade it looks slighly more rosier (as pictured below, true to colour)


While this is a nice bronzer, it blends out well without any harsh edges, is easily buildable so you can stop at your desired intensity without going overboard and does the job of adding depth and dimension… it’s just a bronzer. It’s literally just a bronzer. Chances are if you already have a bronzer in your collection that you love, this probably wont add anything special or unique in your life. Now, if you havent yet found your bronzer then try this one out when it comes back in the permanent line, but certainly do not beat yourself up for missing out on the initial two launches. Honestly my beauties, it is just a simple matte bronzer.

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