Melt Cosmetics Twenty Seven Eyeshadow Palette

The Melt Cosmetics 27 Eyeshadow Palette ($58 USD/ $76.41 CAD) is the latest launch from Melt Cosmetics. Dedicated to the 27th birthday of one of the founders (Lora Arellano), this limited edition eyeshadow palette contains 8 matte and 2 shimmery eyeshadows.

The unicarton has a collage of Lora and her boyfriend over the cover. The palette itself has a collage of colours on it in the same shade range as the eyeshadows. The palette is extremely thin, comes with a big mirror on the inside and each pan of eyeshadow is quite large with the name of each shade printed below:

Unicarton above, palette below

While a lot of similar warm toned eyeshadow palettes on the market have not caught my eye (such as the Urban Decay Naked Heat or the Too Faced Just Peachy Velvet Matte Eyeshadow Palette) the Melt Cosmetics 27 Eyeshadow Palette did for a few reasons:

  1. Nip Slip (medium coral) and 1 More Thing (cool toned brown) really stood out for me in this palette. Both shades are not conventional colours for a warm palette and are extremely flattering for a transition or crease colour. Sometimes palettes try and do the most with really vibrant colours but often I find that the simplest shades wear the most flattering on the eye.
  2. The shades that look so familiar (such as Downtown, Thick, Whiskey Neat and Moonchild) are actually quite different when applied and are lighter than they appear in the pan making this really user friendly
  3. I wanted to try the creamy, rich, pigmented formula that so many attribute to the Melt Cosmetics brand. While the quality varied across the different shades, overall it was a great experience. I can see what everyone is raving about.

Overall, the shades in the Melt Cosmetics 27 Eyeshadow Palette were extremely flaky and quite messy in the palette. Some were pressed harder than others but all blend out wonderfully on the lids, maintain their pigment and last all day on me.

  • Naked Sleep is a creamy, densely pigmented warm, matte, medium nude shade.
  • Downtown was among the flakiest of eyeshadows and is a matte deep cherry brown shade
  • Nip Slip is a beautiful medium coral shade, matte finish
  • Moxie is a matte orange-red shade that was also quite flakey but densely pigmented and extremely rich on the eye.
  • Crimefighter is a shimmery copper shade that is densely packed, which I like because the shimmer holds on tightly to the pigment when applied to the eye. The shimmer particles are quite finely milled
  • 1 More Thing is an unexpected matte cool toned brown shade. This shade was a bit dry and packed quite tightly into the pan so it was thin and not as densely pigmented as the other shades were. Overall, it applies nicely to the lid and will pull more grey on deeper skin tones vs. brown on lighter skins.
  • Thick is a deeper brown cherry shade that pulls a bit red on my eyes and similar to 1 More Thing is more dry, thinner and tightly packed into the pan as the others
  • Vegas Past feels more like a glitter than a shimmer and despite swatching really well, the pigment blends out on the eye leaving more of the glitter than the dirty gold base. The glitter particles are quite chunky in this shade so it applies best with the finger over a tacky base.
  • Whiskey Meat is a neutral matte brown shade that was a bit dry although not as much as 1 More Thing or Thick. While the shade swatches patchy, it blends out well on the eye
  • Moonchild is the deepest matte cherry brown shade of the palette that is not flakey and extremely creamy, rich and pigmented on the eye

Overall, I’m really happy I held out on purchasing a lot of other warm toned eyeshadow palettes for the Melt Cosmetics 27 Eyeshadow Palette. I love the colour assortment, shade ranges and the packaging is extremely thin and sleek. You also get a ton of product in this palette and I can really see myself reaching for this everyday. While expensive, it was worth it to me!

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