My Foundation Secrets

1. Apply slightly less coverage than you actually need. For example, I enjoy a solid medium coverage but I only apply a light-medium coverage. This is because after I go in with concealer, powders even contours and blushers that add a tad bit of coverage, it all adds up and gets me to my medium coverage by the time that I’m done with my makeup. However, if I go in directly with medium, by the time I’m done my look it becomes a lot heavier than I had intended. Always start light and build up.

2. Match your foundation to your neck. There are a lot of different ways to find your perfect foundation match and different people have their own techniques. Some like to match their face and bring the foundation down to their neck whereas I find it quicker to match my foundation to my neck so I use less product and can get ready faster in the morning. I truly believe a foundation is only as good as its colour match – I could have the best formula, finish and lasting power but if it doesn’t match me then I’m not here for it. Matching foundations is a process that involves a lot of patience: know your undertone (olive, yellow, neutral or pink), know your skin type (normal, oily or combo) then do your research for the brands that have these two elements and get a lot of samples. Don’t go off of the lighting in the stores! SO DECEPTIVE…. take the makeup outside and test it in natural light to find your perfect match

3. Apply the majority of the foundation on your trouble spots and blend out. Foundation is meant to even out the skin, concealer is meant to hide imperfections and powder is intended to set everything in place. Remember that when you go in with your foundation and try applying it lightly, not going too much into the under eyes area (because concealer will fill that area in) and start your application in your trouble areas. By blending product outwards to the areas that may not have to be covered as much, you’ll get a much more flawless base.

What are your foundation techniques?

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