My Go-To ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadow Combination!

Despite how intense the swatches of ColourPop eye shadows appear, they apply quite softly and naturally. It takes me building up the colour a few times in the crease to get my desired effect, but I LIKE that. I even take the darkest shade, which is where my entire eye look goes wrong when I use pigmented shadows, with my finger and blend it out on the outer v and it diffuses beautifully. Not every makeup product needs to be insanely pigmented to be considered good. Products you need to build up give you the control for a softer look that you can amp up.

My all time favorite shadows that I use in conjunction with one another (and haven’t been able to stop for the last month, which says a lot considering the embarrassing amount of makeup I have) are: Hanky Panky, Wilshire, Crenshaw and Truth.

(Top Left: Truth, Top Right: Wilshire, Bottom Left: Hanky Panky, Bottom Right Crenshaw)

Here’s how I apply them: I put Hanky Panky in my crease (and slightly above it) and then go in with Wilshire slightly lower in the crease and in my outer ‘v’. This adds a beautiful amount of camel-warmth to the lids and starts to add dimension. I layer the two because you can still see Hanky Panky peaking through Wilshire, which’s adds the most beautiful halo effect on my eye. I then go in with Crenshaw, concentrating it on my outer ‘v’ and diffusing it towards the inside of my eyelid. Then finally for a pop of colour, I layer on Truth right in the centre of my lid all the way to my tear-duct to add light.

ColourPop Super Shock eyeshadow Swatch

Left to right:

What are your favorite ColourPop Super Shock eyeshadows or which ones do you have on your wish list?


  1. August 31, 2018 / 10:44 pm

    I LOVE the super shock shadows! I have Amaze, Cheap Date, Paradox, Twitterpated, So Quiche, and Sailor. I love all of them except Paradox. I think now Sailor is my favorite! Do you have that one? It’s like a satin skin toned color with flashes of blue glitter. It’s GORGEOUS! 😀 The glitter is prominent on the eyes yet doesn’t look…. like an old lady and her blue eyeshadow, if that makes sense. It has a flip of some pink glitter, too, if you turn it the right way.

    • beauty.swatched
      September 1, 2018 / 8:21 am

      Omg yes!!! I love Sailor, it’s such a unique shade and you could not have described it more accurately!! I never thought I could wear blue on my eyes but the neutral base that Sailor has makes it so wearable and complementary on the eyes 😍 that’s a really good one. THANK YOU for reminding me to pull it out and wear it more often

      • September 4, 2018 / 6:44 pm

        Oh you’re welcome! It’s such a good one! 😀

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