Rouge Dior Liquid: 424 Hypnotic Matte

I have never been able to break into the matte liquid lipstick game. Every one I have tried is either too drying, too tight feeling or I cant seem to find the right colour since the formulas dries differently than they look! I was ready to give up until I came across the Rouge Dior Liquids, which was my last attempt of breaking into the liquid lipstick game before closing the chapter for good. Dramatic much? lol but it’s true!

In short, I was pleasantly surprised with the Rouge Dior liquid lipsticks. The pros outweigh the cons and I find myself repeatedly reaching for this in my makeup vanity. I cant believe that I have finally joined the ever so popular, super exclusive and all the way trendy matte liquid lipstick club! lol jokes aside, I do enjoy the product and it is beauty swatched approved. Here’s my notes:


  • Wears out evenly throughout the day and doesn’t leave behind that gross white stuff on my mouth that some do
  • Feels light weight and comfortable on the lips
  • Non-drying
  • Dries within a minute of application
  • Packaging is clear in the middle so you can see how much of the product you have left


  • It’s a matte liquid lipstick so it does emphasize the lines on my lips (I think that’s inevitable)
  • The dome foot applicator has the hole in the middle and it doesn’t really work. It’s just leaves some of the product in the middle when I’m done applying my lipstick so I’m not sure how this was supposed to be different from a regular dome foot applicator
  • Lasts about 4 hours on me where other matte liquid lipsticks can go upwards of 6 hours

What’s your take on matte liquid lips?

This is the truest to colour image!

Note: dome foot applicator with a depression in the middle


The colour dries down slightly darker than the swatch

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