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The Sephora Collection makeup brand doesnt really have that big of a loyal following. When they release bangers like the recent pro eyeshadow palettes, there will be a lot of hype that will quickly dissipate until the next hit. I know a few celebrity makeup artists swear by a few products and the brushes are incredible but I have a hard time spending my money on their makeup.

For a company that has access to information, resources and spans so many countries, I think the brand can do a much better job of picking up their game and developing better and more unique formulas. The brand is well positioned to be a hit but some of their products are lack luster at best, causing me to often write the brand off.

Over the years, I have collected some Sephora products that had caught my eye so though I would do a roundup of the ones I have with some thoughts. What about you? are you a fan of the Sephora brand or what are some of your favorite products that I can checkout to try and get more into the brand?

Perfection Mist: Nude Glow ($25 CAD):An illuminating spray with a translucent base and subtle rose gold-colored micro pearls.

The spray on this is too wide to be used in targeted areas and the bottle is quite small (see comparison to MAC Fix+). Pros: This delivers a sheer dewy glow to your face that doesnt look heavy. Cons: it smells quite strong. Overall a nice product, beauty swatched approved.

Sephora Micro-Smooth Bronzer ($18.95 CAD) is a duo toned bronzer, one side being a darker sheen (right side) and the other side being a lighter shimmery shade. This shade is too light to be used as a highlight but too shimmery to be used as a bronzer. I enjoy the sheen side the most but likely wont get much use out of the shimmery side. Overall the powder is soft and blends out well. It’s a nice product but the duo-tones make it unappealing to me so it’s not beauty swatched approved.

Colorful Face Powders – Blush, Bronze, Highlight, & Contour $9 – $11 CAD is a line of powders with a variety of colours. The one I have chosen is to set the face and reverse contour however the pigment is not strong enough to show up on my skin and this fades quite fast. I’m not sure about the other colours but this one doesnt work for me and is not beauty swatched approved.

Rouge Cream Lipstick ($9 CAD) I bought a few lipsticks in this range and am waiting to finish them up and wont plan on repurchasing it. The formula is quite gel like, has a nice sheen on the lips but is not very pigmented at all. It takes a lot of swipes to build this up and it fades quite fast on me so this is not beauty swatched approved.

Sephora PRO Dimensional Highlighting Palette ($50 CAD). This was on sale at Sephora for the longest time and just recently went back to being full priced. I thought they would cut this product all together given the poor reviews (3/5 with 101 reviews). Basically this is meant to be a glowy highlighter but all the colours look the same (there is very slight variation) and it’s basically Vaseline. It feels sticky on my cheek and loos greasy. This is not beauty swatched approved.

Sephora brand brush cleanser and conditioner ($10 – $17 CAD) Although the conditioner is discontinued, I am a huge fan of the solid soap cleanser and think it is a spot on dupe for the beautyblender cleanser. I did a full review on my favorite makeup cleansers, linked here, but in short this is beauty swatched approved.

Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick ($18 CAD) This line offers really pretty colours that last a long time, do not feather outside the lip line and wear as flatering as most liquid lips do. It applies quite evenly and is really all I can ask for from a liquid lipstick, so this is beauty swatched approved

Double Contouring Cream Blush ($18 CAD) I had to include a full size, zoomed in picture of the blush to do the colour justice. It is a purple/mauve base colour that has an incredible gold sheen to it. The texture is kind of like a putty (definitely not a powder), but it picks up on a brush really  nicely and applies evenly. This one is no doubt beauty swatched approved. 

img_5091.jpgSephora Collection Masks: I did a full review on these, linked here. The short of it is that the effect of these masks dont last beyond your next shower so I find them terribly overpriced. The only one that I may consider repurchasing is the hair mask because I felt the effects last longer but overall, not a fan of these for the price and how short the effect lasts so  they are not beauty swatched approved.


Colourful Eyeshadow Singles ($7 – $13 CAD) – these shadows are very hit or miss. Some formulas are super blendable, evenly pigmented and have incredible colour selections. Others are chalky, patchy, stiff and not pigmented at all. I’d say for these, go into the store and swatch some of your favorite shades. At $7 each, this could be worth it for you but if not, try the ColourPop shadows at $2.50 each. Although ColourPop shadows are smaller, the colour variety and quality are incredible

I <3 Cushion Bronzer ($9 CAD) I bought this per recommendation of a few YouTubers but dont like the product. It has a very thin consistency that doesn’t blend in well with my skin to look natural. The colour is pretty orange and the product also dried out really fast so this is not beauty swatched approved. 

Bright Set Loose Finishing Powder ($18 CAD) I find this powder to be too finely milled such that it doesn’t really adhere to the skin and doesn’t bright up my skin tone when I try and reverse contour. It also doesnt set my concealer very well and creases regardless of me setting it with this powder. In short, I dont like this powder and wouldnt recommend it, this is not beauty swatched approved. 

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