Sephora Collection Brush Cleaning Essentials Set

Sephora Collection Brush Cleaning Essentials Set ($56 CAD or $42.83 USD)

While brush cleaners are not the most exciting thing to review, it can be when you find a system that works! Sephora released a brush cleansing kit that includes all the essentials plus a few new devices to keep your brushes clean, and taken care of so they last long.

This kit contains:

Sephora Collection Detox Deep-cleaning brush shampoo – 2.3 oz

While this is a smaller version of the full size brush shampoo (5.1 oz), it’s still a very good size that will last me a couple months. I was shocked when using this on my white beauty blender as the soap went deep to remove even the most stubborn of foundation stains, leaving my beauty blender back to being pure white! On brushes you only need a half a pump to clean powder, cream or liquid formulas without having to go back in for a second rinse. To me, this is better than my beloved beauty blender liquid cleanser since (1) it works just as well for $6 cheaper (2) it has a pump dispenser that’s cleaner and better to use and (3) the soap doesn’t get stuck inside the bristles of my brush like it sometimes can with the beautyblender cleanser.

Sephora Collection Brush Cleansing Mat

Do you remember when Sigma came out with their brush cleansing mit that everyone compared to an overpriced oven mit? In a Sigma brushes order I made once, I had a small sample of the cleansing mit and admit (lol) that it is very much a necessity. It lathers the soap into every hair of the brush, causes friction to loosen up the makeup on my brushes and finally gives it a very thorough rinse when rubbed against the mat. While the sigma one is $32 CAD, for $22 you’re getting much more with this kit!

Microfiber towel

Microfiber towers absorb water quicker than a regular towel. It will dry up four times faster than a regular towel, which is why many people use these out of the shower to dry wet hair. While I wish the towel was larger than it actually is, the concept makes sense, the towel is soft and it’s a nice touch to dry my makeup brushes. Now, I dont actually notice a faster dry time, but i’m sure if I paid attention, I could. I usually let my brushes dry overnight.

Drying Stand

This was the most interesting part of the kit. It’s a stand that when expanded has these silicone ‘claws’ at the top where you push your brush through so that the bristles can dry upside down. Usually I fold my towels on one end so my brushes dry with an angle leaning down. This is important because if water gets into the pharrel of the brush (the silver or gold part of your brush at the bottom of the handle, before the bristles), then it can loosen the glue that adheres the bristles together causing your brush to loose it’s hairs.

While this is a great idea, some of the ‘claws’ are too big, the plastic legs on this drying stand are flimsy and hard to open and sometimes gets in the way of my brushes. It feels cheap and although works, I think it could have been done a lot better. However it is nice and i’ll continue to use it.


While brush cleaning is a necessary evil that’s probably the worst part of makeup, having a good system can make it less burdensome. I love the Sephora Collection Brush Cleaning Essentials Set and woudl recommend it to anyone who isn’t satisfied with their current routine. You dont know what you’re missing until you get your brushes as clean as new! The only thing this kit is missing is the mesh covers that I place over my wet brushes for them to hold their shape. Had this kit included that with a less cheaper version of the drying stand, this would be a home run! I would still recommend buying this kit, or at a minimum the cleanser.

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