Sephora Collection #Lipstories Lipstick: Somewhere in Spain

Sephora has recently released 40 brand new lipstick shades in three finishes: matte, cream and metallic across an array of pinks, nudes and reds. Although a vast range, I think the nude shades are too light and there are too many reds across the matte and cream finishes.

Now on to what I love about this collection, I feel like Sephora focused more on the formula htan they did the packaing. While some might add this to the con list, I actually like the ‘dinky/ cheap’ packaging. Each lipstick is housed in a cardboard case with a plastic component that holds the actual lipstick. The top of each lipstick case is a small circle cardboard ring, mine actually fell off, but it’s easy to push back in. Like I said, I love how, in an era of over the top packaging, Sephora brought it back to what it’s all about: focusing on making really great formulas at an affordable price. Sure, Sephora could have added magnets and glass pieces to the packaging but it would have also added a lot more dollars to the price. I love how they kept the price low and the packaging as a secondary thought.


Somewhere in Spain is a light, peach tone nude shade with a cream finish. The formula of this is incredible: It’s soft but not enough for the bullet to break or move around/ get smushed on the sides of the bullet component when you apply pressure by applying this on your lips (which happens to me with my Lancome lipsticks). The formula is perfectly pigmented on one swipe, holds true to the cream finish claims, feels light weight and even moisturizing on the lips. I am obsessed with this range and just need Sephora to release more medium to deeper tone nudes! This is definitely¬†beauty swatched APPROVED.


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