Sephora Collection PRO Essential Brush Set: Rose Gold Edition

I own brushes across a wide spectrum of brands, from Sigma and Morphe to Wayne Goss and Tom Ford and everything in between. One thing that has never ceased to amaze me, is the quality of Sephora brushes. They are incredible soft, have user friendly shapes and maintain their integrity after several washes.



When I saw the Rose Gold Edition set from Sephora ($219 CAD), which contains 6 face brushes, 6 eye brushes and a travel case all with brushes I’d use regularly, I was super excited. Despite the fact that I already own 3 brushes from this set, I use them to death so love having extras. Although the set is sold out, the individual brushes in the permanent black and silver packaging is available. Here’s the breakdown of my thoughts (grab some tea, this is a LONG post):


The precision powder is a tulip shaped brush that’s tapered towards the top of the bristles. While this is not the softest brush in the collection, it’s still soft enough, dense to give you precise control and precision over where you place your product.


The contour brush is a smaller version of the precision powder brush: it has a tulip shape and is dense enough to control the application of product on your face but very soft. I use this to highlight my face but I could see this as a great contour brush if you went in with very little product and built it up.


I love using this as a concealer buffing brush because it’s dense enough to evenly spread around the product and soft enough to buff it into the skin for an airbrush finish. I use this interchangeably with my beauty blender and love the effect. It’s just a great all round buffer brush


This is simply just that: quite a large angled brush that is meant to be used for blush. I’m never a fan of these brushes because I like to apply my blush with more of a longer haired/ wispier brush because it’s loose enough to not disturb my foundation but full enough to dispense product.

Back to this brush – while the quality of the bristles are excellent for spreading around and buffing creams into the skin (that’s also found in Sephora’s foundation (47), airbrush (56) and concealer (57) brushes), I use this to spread around and buff in my foundation.


I always highlight with my pro contour 79 brush and while it worked nicely, I urned for a dedicated highlighting brush to see how different it would apply. This highlight brush is incredibly soft, dense and ever so lightly tapered at the end. This applies highlight so perfectly to my cheekbones so it never strays far from that area (sometimes I look in the mirror throughout the day and see highlight on my cheeks) and is fool proof because it never looks over or underdone with my favorite highlights.


This brush appears like a bit paddle brush, but has a steep tapered edge on one side that fits the contours of your under eye. Have you seen the video that Sephora did on this brush? It showed a new way to apply concealer directly in the darkness/ hallows under the eyes to brighten and bring that sunken skin forward to deliver a more plump and awake look to the skin. This brush can apply product but also blend it out product like a dream. I highly recommend watching that video if you’re interested to see a different way to apply concealer


This brush is a medium dense buffing brush that works well for blending out cream product in the crease or concealer close to the lash line. While I’ll admit it’s nothing special and I much prefer my MAC 217 for blending out colour, its a nice brush that I get use out of


This is a medium sized, soft blending brush that is dense enough to move product around but soft enough to not feel scratchy. It’s nice, but I’m very biased to my MAC 217. This brush looks like it would be perfect but for some reason it doesnt buff the product out enough to my liking but has too much movement to precisely apply shadow to the lid. It could work great for a messy wash on the lid, but for blending or applying product I reach for my 217


This is a large, extremely soft brush to pack on shadow to the lid. The bristles have a nice movement to them and is just dense enough to apply product directly onto the lid but soft enough to feel comfortable on the eye.



This is a smaller version of the shadow 14, that is incredibly soft and with a medium density. I like the smaller version because it’s easy to get product onto the crease in smaller areas.


This is such a unique brush. I cant tell if it looks more like a giant eye liner brush or an extremely small pencil brush. It’s perfect to cover up acne spots or small imperfections on the skin


On one side of this brush, you have an angled eyebrow brush that was made perfectly stiff enough to apply the product into the brows but not so harsh that it disrupts your makeup. The brush is quite pinched and thin go make realistic, hair like strokes. The other side has a nice spooly onto it (with a lid!) that brushes out product beautifully. It’s a brows best friend if you’re used to using an angle brush to apply product and I don’t think you’d regret it.

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