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I wanted to share with you some of the items that are sitting in my Loves List section on Sephora. A lot of times these items go in and out of stock but are not hyped on social media or by influencers. So I wanted to share the gems that are out there, which are not necessarily hyped up on YouTube but are still amazing finds. Let me know if you like this post and I can keep it up every month. What’s in your Loves List?

GLAMGLOW Thirstycleanse Daily Hydrating Cleanser (on sale! $34 CAD)- This is a beautifully hydrating cream that smells like coconuts! It is one of the few cleansers that actually removes all of my makeup at once without having to combine cleansers or go in with toners afterwards.



beautyblender Summer Fling ($65 CAD) –  Yes, I still struggle with justifying a $20 sponge purchase every 5 or so months. So, when I saw this amazing deal (you save $19CAD, which is practically the price of one blender), I couldnt pass it up. I know I wont kick the beautyblender habit so I invited in stocking up as they do not go bad, I know I will always use them and would have a bad day if I ever needed one and ran out! Nothing quite blends my foundation in as flawlessly as a BB and even the closest of dupes do not 100% compare. I dont really care about the colours but if it’s something that SPEAKs to you then it’s also a great plus 🙂 Always look for the beautyblender sets – they are usually much cheaper than purchasing the single blenders.


Dr. Jart+ Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer ($45CAD) – I received this in a sample at Sephora and had so much fun with it. The moisturizer comes out as a white almost dry feeling texture and the second it touches your skin, it explodes into a burst of hydration, turns transparent yet still keeps my skin matte.



Pretty Vulgar The Wing Master Eyeliner Brush ($24.50 CAD)– I know this is probably the most borring launch of the new brand on Sephora but dont underestimate the power of a good eyeliner brush! I have a similar looking one from Tarte and am obsessed: the thin long brush is great for spreading a line across my lid and then I go in with the angle brush (with no product on it) to extend the line out in a wing. It creates a soft and lifted wing that i’m obsessed with!


Sephora Collection: Contour Blush Palette ($35 CAD)– I dont really get the ‘contouring’ part of this but the blush colours are incredible. I’m in love with the one at the top left and think it would be such a pretty subtle flush of colour. Sephora products usually go on sale as they get phased out so a part of me wants to wait but based on recent reviews that have been done on this, it’s so tempting not to! I know i’ll kick myself if I sleep on this.

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