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Last weekend I had an event to go to on Saturday night and took the opportunity to pamper myself that day. I even got my hair done, which I haven’t done in a very long time. Truth be told, it kind of felt like my birthday lol

So I thought I’d bust out my Sephora mask set because if I didn’t use it that day, when would I really use it? Also the cold months is making my body super dry so anything with added moisure, i’m game for.

In using my mask set, the one consistent thing I noticed across the board was how momentary the benefits of these masks were! For example, using any mask (the face, lips, feet, hands or hair) made me feel soft, supple and nourished right after but I woke up the next day with dry hands and lips and a few days after with dry feet and regular skin and after the shower all my hair benefits were gone. So I’d say this is a nice temporary fix for a night out, a celebration or a birthday but consider longer term skin care with prolonged benefits. For this reason I wouldn’t repurchase, but here were my thoughts if curious (spoiler alert, this is not beauty swatched approved). I bought this as as set from Sehpora ($28 CAD) but included the individual prices as well.

Foot Mask ($6 CAD): These come as cheap socks with the formula on the inside and a ‘bootie’ like shoe on the outside so you can function (i.e. walk around) without any mess or the formula leaking. Although nice, the bootie was too loose for my feet so I layered my socks on top of it to get a good grip. While these did make my feet a lot softer after one use, I found my feet were right back to their dry ways the day after

Hand Mask ($8 CAD): these are like wearing gloves inside. I like the moisturizing benefits and how soft my hands felt after use once I rubbed the formula in but at some point I needed to wash my hands to rid them of the sticky formula and it was just as good as if I had put my face serum on my hands with a hand cream

Face Mask ($8 CAD): I love taking pictures of myself with this on because I really look like The Killer. Besides the enjoyment factor, I really couldn’t tell a difference after using it. This was no better or worse than when I wash my face with my clarasonic and apply serum, eye cream & tons of moisturizer

Eye Mask ($6 CAD): the shape of this was just weird. It literally looked like the Nike swoosh which made it impossible to get right up close to my lashline and I tried it every which way. I feel like a bit of a broken record here but again, nothing changed after using it. I know I only used it once but it look and felt the exact same as if I overdosed on my eye cream. Generally speaking this just wasnt worth the hassle

Lip Mask ($4 CAD): now this was interesting. There was a layer over the mask that I didn’t immediately remove so the thing kept slipping off my lips. Once I finally realized that I had to peel off the extra protective layer this thing clung onto my lips for its dear life. It also had a slit in the middle so you could actually talk with it on (although not eat as you’d probably end up eating the formula). This was probably the best one for me because after application my matte lipsticks applied like a dream. However again, I woke up the next morning with my regular dry, wrinkly lips. I could have probably applied a tub of Vaseline before hand and come to the same result

Hair mask ($6 CAD): This was uber interesting: it comes with the formula that you apply to your hair and a shower cap that you put on afterwards to minimize the mess when you sleep in it (it’s meant to be a sleeping hair mask). I like how Sephora put this much attention to detail in the mask to make it hassle free. This felt really nourishing on my hair and left it shinier with less frizz. However, at $6 a pop (which is pretty much the cost of my shampoo), I rather go for home remedies or larger tubs of hair mask to accomplish the same thing.

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  1. Makeup by Erin
    December 1, 2017 / 2:34 am

    I completely agree! I’ve tried the eye and face masks and they don’t do anything long term for me at all!

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