Sigma Sculpt Palette

Sigma Sculpt Palette ($39 USD) contains 3 highlight and 3 contour powders with a mix of shimmer and matte shades.

I remember when Sigma Cosmetics was at the height of its popularity. Makeup lovers raved about the brands brushes and tools and even some makeup items until new brands came out and left Sigma in the dust *cough… morphe.. cough*. This makes me sad because Sigma did have the potential to stand the test of time when it had launched. However, in a market where innovation is so rapid and finding amazing quality at an affordable price is paramount, it’s very difficult to compete. The makeup industry is also not very forgiving or patient so while we wait for a Sigma resurgence, here is my homage to Sigma beauty!

The Sigma Sculpt palette comes in a sturdy cardboard component with a large mirror on the inside. I like the minimalistic packaging – it’s thin and compact, despite each pan being quite large.

The top row contains 3 sheen like highlight powders and bottom row has all matte contour and bronzer shades.

Shine on is a medium white shade with gold shimmer. Poppin is a rose gold with intense sheen and 24K is deep antique gold with golden reflects to it. What I like about these highlighters is that they are not shimmery or glittery at all. Each powder is highly reflective and glowy making it extremely flattering on the skin. This is the type of highlighter where the more you buff it into your skin, the more reflective it becomes. Each highlighter can be built up for a blinding intensity or buffed out for an effervescent sheen.

The bronzers on the bottom row are all matte. Faking It is a cool tone, light brown shade (ideal for contouring). Throwing shade is a neutral brown (ideal for bronzing). Hollow is a deep cool tone brown (ideal for contouring on medium to deep skin tones).

All these powders are very soft, pigmented and blendable. Each shade is truly flattering on the skin for a natural to super glam look. I can use every shade in this palette, placing Poppin’ on my cheek as a blush topper, 24K as an eyeshadow and Hollow on my cheeks in the dead of summer when I’m more tan.

Overall, this is a great palette. If you’re getting into makeup and need a variety of highlight, bronze and contour shades, you will find great use with this palette. However, I do think that this palette is over priced for what it is, and would have preferred a deep champagne highlighter in the place of 24K (as I cant imagine that being a highlight on any skin tone because it’s such a strong gold shade).

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