Skin Care Chronicles: Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is best known for skin that looks healthy, hydrated and natural. This flows from her skincare line all the way through her creams & primers and down to her makeup (even her eyeshadows have a softer, natural application as opposed to intensely pigmented shades). She’s all about skin that peaks through so I became intensely curious about her skincare line.

I started to collect a few of Bobbi Brown’s skin care pieces until I had enough to try out the line. I have a mix of deluxe samples and full size products that  took me about four months to go through everything (some went faster than others) but now that I have finished the entire skincare line, I can give you my honest review!

Instant Detox Mask ($59 CAD) claims to provide a deeper, more thorough cleaning when your regular cleanser fails to penetrate deep into your skin. It’s quite an odd claim for a mask since I would just get a new cleanser instead of spending more money on a mask!

In any case, this mask does deliver on it’s promise for a deep cleanse. It applies as a dark grey thick cream and dries light. The most interesting part is that where ever you have larger pores or problem areas, the mask will dry darker in those areas (for me, its on and around my nose). I quite like this because I feel like the mask is actually doing something. On the other areas of my cheeks, you can see there are not as many dots in the image below. I let this sit for 15 minutes or once this feels tight and then I wash my face off to reveal squeaky clean skin that’s never tight. Overall its a nice mask and if you do have problem areas you want to work on, one application wont do the trick but over time you’ll notice those dots getting fewer and fewer in your trouble areas. This is beauty swatched approved

Instant Long Wear Make-up Remover ($33 CAD) is a traditional makeup remover that you shake up to mix the oil and water substances together. I have to admit, I dont like this at all – when I place the product on a cotton round or pad, it almost absorbs too much of the product so I feel like i’m rubbing dry cotton on my eye. Worse yet, it almost gets kind of scratchy because it’ll pick up some of my makeup by not all which then rubs against my skin, irritating it. My long time favoritio:  Bioderma Sensibio H2O looks like water, feels like water but performs like an industrial strength makeup remover. Hard to beat for the same price AND you get more product with Bioderma so this is not beauty swatched approved

bobbi brown Instant Long Wear Make-up Remover review

Hydrating Face Tonic ($37 CAD) is a hydrating toner that you apply after cleansing to add moisture back into your skin that the cleanser may have removed. Some toners are used to remove excess dirt and oil after cleansing whereas this one is specifically designed to restore the hydration into your skin. Even when I think my skin is not dry, after applying this I get a breath of fresh air, cooling sensation with a more plump looking complexion. The formula is like water and I smooth it on with a cotton round. This is a great pre-moisturizer step that I have repurchased many times over, this is beauty swatched approved



Soothing Cleansing Oil ($56 CAD) The premise of a cleansing oil is that when applied dry to your face, the oil from this product breaks down all of the makeup on your skin, making it easier for your cleanser to come in and wash away the debris without disrupting your skins natural PH balance. For those who wear makeup, this cleansing oil alone is not enough. Its for those who find they need an extra kick for their current cleansers. I much prefer the Tatcha one because I find it equally gentle yet more effective, however my current cleanser gets rid of my makeup and dirt on the skin so its not a needed step for me nor is it beauty swatched approved.

bobbi brown Soothing Cleansing Oil review

Hydrating Face Tonic

This was the star of the line for me. Where some toners are used to wipe excess dirt and oil off your skin, this one is meant to add hydration to the skin and both are applied the same…


Hydrating Rich Cream Cleanser ($67.40 CAD) I think this may recently be discontinued from Bobbi Brown, which is a shame because this is nice hydrating cleanser. The product is a pure light cream that doesnt foam up too much on the skin and is incredibly gentle. When I use this with my fingers, it doesn’t clean deep enough (as evidenced by my toner) but when I use this with a clarisonic or Foreo (pictured below), this gets in deep enough to clean my face, while leaving it nice and supple afterwards. This is beauty swatched approved

Hydrating Face Cream ($75 CAD) there is a white iridescence to this cream that leaves a soft glow on my skin that I love. It is just as hydrating on the skin as it looks and leaves my face nice and plump. The only annoying thing about this cream is the shape of the container: it has this weird bulge thing near the top that makes it hard to get any product out. Overall, it’s an incredible cleanser that I would repurchase, this is beauty swatched approved

Hydrating Eye Cream ($69 CAD) This is quite a thick, emollient eye cream that skins well into the under eye area making my concealer apply a lot smoother. I love this cream for hydrating my under eyes, which it does a great job at, and would repurchase. It’s quite simple yet effective and although really expensive (and there are many alternatives in the market), it is beauty swatched approved.

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  1. July 17, 2018 / 3:37 pm

    I have been a fan of their stick foundation. Its always in my makeup bag and absolutely love it. But I never tried their skincare products. This would be a great starts. Thanks for insight on the skincare.

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