Skin Inc. Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask

I have normal to combination skin and rarely break out after going through an Accutane cycle about 10 years ago. Recently, I’ve started to break out again in several areas around my face and decided to spot conceal with the Eradikate salicylic acne treatment from Kate Sommerville. Normally this product works really well in minimizing and eventually drying out my acne spots. For some reason this time around I wasnt seeing any improvement but continued to use it, confident that it would eventually work.

One night, I went back to my parents house and found the Skin Inc. Hydrating Mask ($56 CAN, 1 oz or $92 CAN for 1.7 oz). I decided to try this before bed, instead of using my Eradikate, which I had forgotten at home, with no hopes of any change. In the morning, all but one of my acne spots were GONE and the one that felt the most sore and was the biggest was significantly reduced! I had changed nothing else in my skincare routine but introducing this and I cant believe my face had cleared up.

You can either apply a really heavy amount and use it as a mask or you can use a light dusting and wear it as a night time cream. I did the later and was blown AWAY. This isn’t even a benefit listed on the website but I had to share this with you since it worked miracles for me.

I wanted to share the other benefits from the Sephora site because I agree with the benefits:

“This innovative sleep-in or rinse off transparent gel mask moisturizes, clarifies, and brightens the complexion. This triple-treat mask contains nutrient-rich Okinawa deepsea water, soya bean extracts, and hyaluronic acid for an easy-to-use, luxurious daily treatment for your skin. Great for use while traveling or on the go, it seals in nutrients from other skin care products for maximum results.”

My face was also a lot less oily in the morning, which made more sense to me since this is a moisture intense product. When the skin receives moisture from creams it has the need to produce less oil to moisturize the face since the skin is getting hydrated from creams. Needless to say, this is beauty swatched approved.

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