Skincare Chronicals: GlamGlow

GlamGlow, initially known best for their masks used by the stars has long since expanded their skincare line to include creams, face washes, sprays, lip care etc. There are a lot of products I have to try so i’ll keep my review super short and answer any questions you may have.

Overall I recommend the masks and suggest GlamGlow stick to what they know best. Or maybe it didnt work for me and it did for you – would love to hear your thoughts!

In today’s post, I will review my current skincare routine from the brand, including:


  1. ThirstyMUD Hydrating Treatment: $27 – $79 CAD
    • beauty swatched approved: this is a mask created to deliver moisture back into your skin. Although there are options that deliver similar or greater moisture, this is a good mask that leaves my skin feeling soft and supple afterwards.
  2. Brightmud Eye Treatment: Discontinued
    • beauty swatched approved: I cant believe this is discontinued! I tried to buy a backup but found that it is either permanently out of stock or not carried on Sephora anymore! This moisturized and brightened up my under eyes, giving me such a well rested appearance. This does more than a moisturizer so I loved using it weekly ūüôĀ come baaaack!


  1. Thirsty Cleanse Daily Hydrating Cleanser: $42 CAD $34 CAD
    • NOT beauty swatched approved: This cleanser is a cream (with no beads or harsh texture), which is nice because when rubbing this into my skin I dont have to worry about scratching my skin. Upon using the product, it really does an incredible job of removing all of the dirt oil and making on my skin. After I go in with a toner to remove any excess dirt my cleanser didnt catch, my cotton pad comes up clean. This eliminates the need to double cleanse and even tone all together! So now, I bet you’re thinking my rating was a typo, but it’s not. I really cant recommend this product because¬†despite this being a hydrating cleanser, it dries out my normal skin like no tomorrow making me the driest my skin has ever been. For some reason, the area from my lips all the way up to my nose got so dry that my skin started to peel, which has never happened to me before. I could feel texture on my forehead and knew that if I continued to use it on a daily basis my cheeks would start to get irritated as well. This could be a good deep weekly cleanser but certainly not daily for normal to dry skins and definitely not as advertised on me!


  1. Dreammduo Overnight Transforming Treatment: $69 CAD
    • Not beauty swatched approved. The product is meant to deliver the utmost moisture to your skin overnight for ‘visibly plumper, smoother and softer complexion’.¬†This container is a duo product on the inside, divided by a plastic wall. One side is a serum that is meant to be applied first and deliver anti-aging benefits and the other side is a moisture boost containing hyaluronic acid for hydration. First,¬† I cant handle the smell of this, which is an overly sweet scent that gives me a gag reflex. Oddly enough when I started applying this with a beautyblender (Because the smell kept lingering on my hands making me sick all night), the scent was not as strong. Secondly, I could handle the scent if this did something but it doesnt. The truest test of this would be to repair my overly dry skin from the cleanser used above but it took me a full 2.5 weeks using this every night to get my skin back to normal, which I know other moisturizers could do faster. For the price, effort in applying this and scent there are far better night creams available to deliver moisture.

Dreammduo Overnight Transforming Treatment


  1. Poutmud Wet Lip Balm: $24 -$30 CAD
    • NOT beauty swatched approved. Get 3 jack black lip balms for the price of one of these and enjoy lips that stay moisturized more and longer.
  2. Fuzzy Lip Exfoliating Treatment: $30 CAD
    • not beauty swatched approved. This one totally boils down to personal preference but I need a more intense scrub to really get my dead skin cells whereas this didnt feel as intense (the scrubby particles were super fine) so I didnt find that it does much.
  3. Plumprageous Gloss Lip Treatment: $30 CAD
    • Not beauty swatched approved I dont get this – it’s basically a mint lip gloss that I cant say more about. I dont see long lasting benefits on my lips and would much prefer something that isnt as overpriced to deliver the same shine.




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