Sleek Mono Eyeshadow: About Last Nite and Impatient

Sleek Mono eyeshadow (4.49 GBP) in About Last Nite and Impatient

Left: About Last Nite and Right: Impatient

I’m not sure how this launch got past me, I didnt realize that Sleek had single shadows. I love the component design, it stays true to the Sleek aesthetic of being compact, thin and minimal. I also like the size and shape of the pan, which are quite large

Impatient is a golden taupe with a shimmery finish. About Last Nite is a medium neutral deep brown. This picture in natural day light is the truest to colour in real life:

Left: Impatient, Right: About Last Nite

The formula of these shadows are true to Sleek in being pigmented, soft and blendable. However, what I find these mono’s have (which their larger palettes do not) is that the shimmers keep their intensity on my lids, do not blend away and have longer lasting power. From the Sleek palettes I have (let me know if you’d like to see swatches and reviews), sometimes, the shimmer shades would not translate as intensely on the lids and would fade away.

Left: Impatient, Right: About last nite
Left: About Last Nite, Right: Impatient
Left: About Last Nite, Right: Impatient

Overall, I love the shades I have but wish Sleek would expand on their shade range. As the brand is known for it’s vibrant shades, I’d love to see more range of neutrals in their line- specifically lighter netural browns, more warm shades and shimmers. I love Impatient (it’s my favorite kind of colour) so I can see myself running through this! LOVE

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